Make your brand’s message travel faster with digital ads

With Mailchimp’s powerful targeting options, you can reach the right people on Facebook, Instagram, and across the web with Google’s ad network.

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Find new people

Reach people who are into similar things as your contacts.

Reach your contacts

You know what your audience likes—target them with ads they’re sure to act on.

Bring back site visitors

Retarget site visitors while they’re browsing on social channels or the web.

When you run Facebook and Instagram ads through Mailchimp, you can use your contacts to find new people who are likely to love your brand.

Facebook ads

Publish ads that get people to act, then track what’s working in your report.

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Instagram ads

Show off your best product photography, so people can decide to buy even faster.

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Recapture the attention of people who visited your site and bring them back at the right moment with retargeting ads.

Google remarketing ads

Turn site visitors into customers by retargeting them with display ads.

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Facebook retargeting ads

Retarget website and landing page visitors while they’re scrolling on Facebook.

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Instagram retargeting ads

Remind site and landing page visitors of your stuff while they're on Instagram.

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Your cheat sheet for getting ad images right

No matter what type of ad you’re creating, you need great photos to make your ads stand out. We’ve got some quick and easy tips for creating images that work for all your channels.

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