Integrated marketing campaigns for small businesses

Create better campaigns with Mailchimp

Whether you’re just starting your business or have already established your brand, we’ve got what you need to create multichannel campaigns that reach your people where they are.

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Reach people where they are

Get your message in front of the right people and turn them into customers.

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Do it all in one place

Create emails, ads, landing pages, and more without ever leaving Mailchimp.

See greater returns

Multichannel campaigns outperform single channel efforts by 300%.

Create campaigns your people will love

There’s more than one way to connect with your audience. Mailchimp has all the channels and tools you need to create the right message to connect your business with the right people at the right moment.


Create emails that help you reach your audience and build your brand.

Landing pages

Drive people to join your list or buy your stuff with a clear call to action.

Digital ads

Find new fans for your business or retarget people who visited your site.

Social media

Publish organic social posts and ads to reach people where they're hanging out.


Easily design and send postcards to give people something they can hold on to.


Keep the conversation going with your audience while you focus on other things.

Signup forms

Turn site visitors into CRM contacts with beautiful pop-up and embedded forms.


See it all come together

From reviewing past campaigns to previewing future posts, our marketing calendar helps you stay organized and productive.

By combining multiple marketing channels to promote their 6-week transformation challenge, the team at 17th Street Athletic Club was able to increase their signups for the program by 250%.

See how they did it