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Unlock powerful insights with campaign engagement data and tracking for your website or landing page by connecting Google Analytics to Mailchimp.

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Enhanced campaign tracking

Gain a deeper understanding of how people move between your email campaigns and website. Google and Mailchimp allow you to see who is engaging with your automated or bulk email campaigns and how.

Landing page and website analytics

Adding Google Analytics to your Mailchimp landing page or website enables you to track page views, see who is visiting your content, and how they’re engaging with your website. View it all inside of Mailchimp and turn insights into smarter marketing.

Insights about your visitors and contacts

By connecting to Google Analytics, you can get a complete picture of who is visiting your site. When you can see the full customer journey, you can send more targeted messages that resonate with contacts at just the right moment.

Connect Google to Mailchimp to track campaign performance, understand who is visiting your site, and gain deeper user insights to send more targeted campaigns.

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Get to know your contacts better

Get deeper audience insights so you can understand how and when to connect with them in order to keep them engaged. You can follow a contact’s path from email open to site visit to purchase or see where they may have dropped off, so that you can re-engage and turn them into a loyal customer.

See the full picture of how visitors navigate your site

Whether you have a landing page or a multi-page website, Google Analytics enables tracking on each piece of your site so that you can see which links visitors follow, which they don't, and the pages people visit most frequently on your site.

Learn how people engage with your campaigns

Google Analytics’ campaign tracking lets you see who engages with your email campaigns and links they follow. You can also connect your analytics to A/B testing and customer journeys to focus on the pieces of your campaign that resonate and messages that might need tweaking.


If you have questions about the Google Analytics integration with Mailchimp, our friendly support team is available to paid account users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Connect Google Analytics today to access enhanced site tracking and insightful campaign data

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