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Connect QuickBooks Online with Mailchimp to bring together your marketing tools and invoice data, speed up sales, and accelerate your growth.

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Make campaigns more effective with less work

Sync real-time data from QuickBooks Online into Mailchimp, automatically giving you accurate, organized, and info-rich insights.

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Get more new customers and re-engage old ones

Create personalized messaging based on customer invoice data like the service they purchased, the amount they spent, or the last payment you received.

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Grow your business more quickly and easily

Enable tags, segmentation tools, and automations to make less work for yourself while you target your marketing more effectively.

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Automatically sync your customer invoice data with your marketing tools when you connect QuickBooks Online to Mailchimp.

Get a holistic view of your customers

Eliminate the need for manual data entry, and use integrations and contact profiles while you save time.

Create effective multichannel campaigns

Use tags, segmentation tools, and automations based on financial insights. On average, segmented campaigns have 23% higher open rates and 49% higher click through rates.

Enable 1 to 1 communication with your customers

Use Mailchimp Inbox to let a sales or support team member collaborate on helping customers and closing sales.

Re-engage customers with automations

Send automated emails triggered by customer behavior, which could result in an average of a 93% increase in open rates and a 174% increase in click throughs.

For questions about QuickBooks Online for Mailchimp, our friendly Support team is available 24/7 to paid account users.