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QuickBooks Online

by Mailchimp


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Sync real-time data from QuickBooks Online into Mailchimp, automatically giving you accurate, organized, and info-rich insights.

When you connect your QuickBooks Online account with Mailchimp, you can sync your financial and marketing data to the Mailchimp audience of your choosing. Send targeted multichannel campaigns and automations based on everything you know about customers, like what they've bought, how much they've spent, or the last payment you received.

What does it do?

Here are some popular ways to use this integration. Features and functionality vary by plan.

Work more efficiently

Automatically sync financial data from QuickBooks Online with Mailchimp to eliminate the need for manual contact and purchase data entry, and use integrations and contact profiles while you save time.

Enable 1 to 1 communication

  • Use Mailchimp Inbox to let a sales or support team member collaborate on helping customers and closing sales.

Re-engage customers

  • Send automated emails triggered by customer behavior, which could result in an average of 93% increase in open rates and 174% increase in click-throughs.

Create multichannel campaigns

Installation and Usage Tips


  • You will need a QuickBooks Online account to use the features of this integration.