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How to Use Mailchimp

New to Mailchimp and not sure where to start? We’ll walk you through the basic uses so you know what to expect along the way.

Let’s start building your audience

Just by bringing all your contact data into Mailchimp, we can start to show you helpful insights about your audience. We’ll help you find new ways to talk to people who love your brand—and new ways to reach people who are likely to.

Even if you don’t have contacts to market to yet, you can always log in and start playing around with our design tools. In fact, we recommend it.

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No contacts? No problem.

Let people sign up for your marketing with a landing page.

Create your first email campaign

  • We have templates for all types of messages—pick one based on your goal or a look you’re going for.

  • You can see all your updates in real time so it’s easy to see how it’s coming together.

  • Once you’re happy with your email, you choose who it will go to—whether that’s all your subscribers or one small segment.

  • This is the moment of truth. Not to worry, we’ll make sure everything’s good to go on our end before we send it out the door.

Nice work. Once you’ve sent your first email campaign, you’re officially part of the club.

Next up? Curate a path to take customers from prospect to purchase.

Design automated journeys to guide your customer’s experience

With Customer Journey Builder, deliver relevant messages to your customers based on how they engage with your business. Design and automate a customized path for your customer that turns window shoppers into lifelong customers.

Unlock even more Mailchimp features

You get more from Mailchimp when you connect other tools or services, like your online store. Find your integrations in our directory, connect in a few steps, and unlock new features, just like that.

Here’s how you step up your game even more

  • When you target segments of your audience based on shared characteristics, you can personalize your messages, find new ideas for campaigns, and see better ROI. We make it easy to get started with pre-built segments you can target in just a few clicks.

  • Mailchimp has built-in analytics so you can see who’s opening your emails, the kind of content they’re clicking on, and what’s working best to get smarter with what you send.

  • Now that you’ve got the hang of this stuff, you can get even smarter with your marketing. Mailchimp makes it easy to set up A/B tests: one group gets Email A, one group gets Email B, and you see which performs better so you can adjust accordingly.

Success is yours

You’re ready to dive in to your Mailchimp account. And remember, you can always explore our guides and tutorials when you need a little help along the way.