Mailchimp and Other CRMs

Depending on your industry, you may be familiar with the term Customer Relationship Management (CRM). A CRM solution is any tool or platform you use to aggregate data and manage personal relationships with your customers.

Mailchimp is a powerful marketing automation platform, but we also have a number of tools that can help you manage and interact with your audience all within our platform. Different businesses have different needs when it comes to a CRM solution, and you may find Mailchimp’s tools check all the boxes on your list.

Using Mailchimp for CRM

For many Mailchimp users, CRM is simply about collecting and interpreting data from contacts to better understand who your customers are and how to talk to them. We have a number of tools that can help you meet these goals, so you can get organized and start putting your customer data to work for you.

Learn more about using Mailchimp’s tools for CRM.

Other CRM Options

For some organizations (often those with a business-to-business focus), CRM can be a more complex and sales-driven process. That’s why we offer a number of integration options with stand-alone CRM solutions, so you can share contact and customer data with the platform that works for you.

Check out our integrations directory.

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