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Marketing CRM on Mobile

Add and manage your contacts from anywhere

Access our Marketing CRM tools from your mobile device and never miss an opportunity to make a connection. Hold your device camera up to the QR code to download Mailchimp’s mobile app.

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A mobile phone displaying how to scan contact information

Snap a photo, add a contact

Use our in-app scanner to take a photo of contact information from a business card, spreadsheet, badge, or another screen, and we’ll automatically add them to your audience.

A mobile phone displaying how to import contacts from your phone

Import contacts from your address book

Choose existing contacts from your device and import them to your Mailchimp audience in a few clicks. You can even add tags, so it’s easy to send targeted campaigns later.

Keep track of what you know

Create or update a contact profile from wherever you are. Quickly add notes as you learn new stuff about a customer, then turn those insights into more relevant conversations.

Upload CSV files from your mobile device

Import your whole list of contacts instead of manually adding people one-by-one. Our mobile app supports .CSV uploads, so you can save time and get more stuff done.

“The Mailchimp mobile app lets me get work done wherever I want.”

Lily Collins, Founder of The Daily
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Turn connections into conversations

View commonly-used tags and create targeted, relevant emails or ad campaigns directly from your mobile device.

Our powerful Marketing CRM tools go wherever you do

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    Unify your data

    Collect and organize all of your contact information in one convenient place.

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    Get valuable insight

    See high-level audience activity or view individual profiles for more details.

  • Stay connected

    Send emails, turn on automations, or reach out to contacts with a text or call.

Grow with Mailchimp and join the 380,000 users on our mobile app

Our mobile app makes it easy to monitor campaign performance, create and send emails, get sales updates, and more—no matter where you are.


  • Overall, the aim of a CRM is to build better customer relationships and optimize customer experience. In this sense, Mailchimp’s CRM marketing software benefits both the company and the customer. By building strong relationships with customers and providing a smooth customer experience, companies can build brand loyalty and generate more repeat customers.

    At the same time, CRM software streamlines the customer’s experience because it enables them to receive a great customer service experience and become exposed to impactful products and content. For instance, with CRM email marketing campaigns from Mailchimp, you can create personalized email marketing campaigns that make your customers feel valued. By sending the right marketing email at the right time, you can potentially increase conversions and boost engagement, all while saving time and effort on your end.

  • There are a number of advantages that come with using a mobile CRM app. First of all, a mobile CRM app can complement traditional CRM software by making the technology more accessible and thus allowing for more flexibility. More and more workers are beginning to work remotely, making the need for a high-quality mobile CRM app even more essential.

    Additionally, Mailchimp’s marketing CRM for mobile gives marketers more tools to work with. For example, users can take advantage of the in-app scanner to quickly take a photo of contact information and automatically add it to their audience. You can also quickly import contacts from your mobile device’s address book into your Mailchimp audience.

  • With mobile CRM, you can manage customer interactions from a mobile device. This is great for remote workers or employees who are on the go and not necessarily coming into the office every day. With a mobile CRM app, workers can access all of the customer relationship tools they need from a mobile device, allowing for greater flexibility and productivity.

  • Customer relationship management, or CRM, refers to the process of navigating and managing interactions with current and potential customers. This may sound somewhat broad, and, in fact, CRM encapsulates almost every aspect when it comes to customer interactions. In marketing, any tactic, strategy, or action that’s concerned with managing customer interactions can fall under the umbrella of CRM.

    Besides the general management of customer interactions, CRM also refers to CRM software. With marketing CRM software from Mailchimp, you can streamline the process of managing customer interactions. A CRM platform allows you to keep all of your relevant customer data in a single place, enabling you to better organize, track, and analyze customer information.

Grow and manage your audience—anywhere

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