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Product Recommendations

Drive more sales with personalized product recommendations

Effortlessly create more cross-selling opportunities. Connect your store to Mailchimp and start recommending personalized, best-selling, and new products to your customers.

Put your sales data to work

Find your store in our integrations directory, connect it to your Mailchimp account, and unlock features that will help increase your repeat purchase rates.

We give you 3 easy ways to recommend your products and get more sales.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Highlight your new arrivals

Show your customers what you've been up to—without doing any of the work. We'll curate a list of your latest products so you can start marketing them as soon as they’re available on your site.

Illustration of flying shoes.

Showcase your best sellers

Consumers trust popular products. Make their purchasing decisions easier by bringing more attention to the stuff your other customers already love. We'll identify the most popular items from your store, so you can put them front and center in your marketing.

Make personalized product recommendations

When you connect your store, Mailchimp will automatically predict which products your customers are most likely to buy, so you can add them to your emails and drive more sales with less effort.

Bring back people who abandon their shopping cart

69% of shoppers abandon their carts before checking out. Our tools make it easy to retarget those customers and recapture lost sales. When you add any product recommendations type to an abandoned cart email, you can suggest new stuff to people you're trying to bring back to your store.

What's new in Mailchimp?

Spend less time creating emails and reports—and accelerate growth—with our advanced new marketing features.

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“The personalized product recommendation feature is really cool. It makes each email specific to the customer—I don’t have to do anything. All I did was pull this content block and drop it in the email, and then everyone has a custom email.”

April May, owner of Smudge Ink

Start driving more sales with personalized, best-selling, and new arrival product recommendations.

Add product recommendations to any of your email campaigns in a few quick clicks. Available in all Mailchimp plans.

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