About Product Recommendations

Mailchimp's Product Recommendations feature uses individual subscriber purchase data to prioritize and promote your store's relevant products. Add recommended products to your campaigns and automations to increase revenue and encourage repeat purchases.

In this article, you'll learn how the Product Recommendations feature works and where to view Product Recommendations data in Mailchimp.

How Product Recommendations Work

After you connect your store and turn on e-commerce link tracking, purchase data will be pushed back to your account each time one of your subscribers clicks a link in your campaign and makes a purchase.

Mailchimp analyzes this data to identify and rank up to 10 unique product recommendations for each of your subscribers, which you can include in a campaign or automation. Product recommendations pull from your entire catalog to suggest relevant products. They can’t be filtered or customized. A preview of five recommendations are available in your subscribers' profiles.

This feature works best with a lot of e-commerce data. Your store must maintain the following, at minimum.

  • 10 products
  • 50 customers
  • 500 orders in the last year

If your store doesn't meet these requirements or a subscriber hasn't made a purchase yet, we'll display your store's top sellers instead. Top sellers are generated using the 15 most popular products purchased from your store in the last 30 days. They won’t include out of stock products or products without an image.

Since product recommendations will vary from subscriber to subscriber, we recommend you view your campaigns in Preview Mode to see how your content blocks or merge tags appear for certain subscribers.

The Product Recommendations feature is available for users who connect a supported e-commerce store or a custom API 3.0 integration. To find out if your store supports this feature, visit the Connected Sites page.


  • Mailchimp for Magento users need to make sure all products added to Mailchimp include a valid image URL and product variant.
  • Custom API 3.0 integration users need to include certain parameters for all Orders and Products passed over to Mailchimp.
  • Custom API 3.0 integration users may have to wait up to seven days after a store is connected before Product Recommendations are generated.

What You Can Do With Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations can be viewed in your account or promoted in your campaigns. To add recommendations to a campaign or automation, use a drag-and-drop content block or include merge tags in a custom-coded template.

When you create a campaign with a Product Recommendation content block in our drag-and-drop editor, you'll choose how many products to include, as well as how the content block should look.

Our data ranks how relevant products are to a particular subscriber, where 1 is the most relevant. Use these rankings to choose the range of products to promote in your Product Recommendations content block or merge tag block.

To increase the effectiveness of campaigns that include the Product Recommendations feature, target subscribers with similar purchase histories with segments.

Use Product Recommendation Content Blocks

Segment by Purchase Activity

Add Product Recommendations to a Campaign

Example Uses

Tailor your promotions

You can use Product Recommendation blocks and merge tags to recommend up to 10 products in your campaigns. Tailor the number of recommendations you include to more effectively target subscribers.

For example, recommend multiple products as part of a large sale or promotion at your store, or promote a single product to a smaller segment of subscribers who share specific buyer preferences.

Encourage Repeat Buyers

Recommend relevant products to a segment of loyal customers who have made recent repeat purchases.

Target Seasonal Buyers

Combine Product Recommendations with Purchase Date segmenting criteria to alert subscribers of relevant products at times when they are most likely to purchase items from your store.

View Product Recommendations Data

In the Product activity section of your campaign report, you'll be able to view the total number of sales produced by Product Recommendations and the percentage of total revenue generated by the sale of those products.

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