Behavioral Targeting

Turn people’s actions into personalized marketing

When you know how people are interacting with your brand, you can send them messages that are more relevant to their needs.

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Pull activity data from your app into Mailchimp

With our API, you can pull custom event data, or actions users take in your app that are important to your business, into Mailchimp. Then you can send more targeted messages based on specific activities, like starting a download or renewing an account.

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Put behavioral data to work in your marketing

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When they click or open

Keep up your marketing momentum after people interact with your campaigns.

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When they visit your website

Recapture visitors’ attention with a remarketing ad after they leave your site.

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When they buy something

Send recommendations, appreciation, or incentives when shoppers buy.

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When they interact with your app

Trigger personalized emails based on what users do (or don’t do) in your app.

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More personalized campaigns, less effort

With behavioral data in Mailchimp, you can automate targeted messages in response to specific actions, like a welcome message to introduce new signups to your brand, or a related product recommendation for a recent buyer. And if you’re pulling in custom event data through the API, event-based automations can help you scale your marketing without doing the work every time.

"We're using the API to bring in real-time user behavior we can act on. Mailchimp has been a huge part in offering our community personalization at scale."
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Fine‑tune your audience segments

Make your targeting more precise when you layer on behavioral data as segmentation criteria. You can build segments using a combination of several data types, like people’s interests coupled with how they’ve interacted with your campaigns.

With custom event data from your app, you can even segment users based on the actions they take (or don’t) within a specific timeframe—like if you want to congratulate people in your fitness app who just completed their first run.

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Get a complete view of how people engage with you

Contact profiles in Mailchimp also include an activity feed, so you can dig in and see all the ways a person has engaged with your campaigns.

When you pull custom event data into Mailchimp, you’ll see in-app activities here, too, so you can get a holistic understanding of how users are interacting with your app and your brand.

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Reach customers based on their purchase activity

Drive sales and customer loyalty when you set up purchase-based automations. Bring shoppers back with abandoned cart messages, send a product recommendation, or welcome new buyers with a discount.

Start personalizing your marketing

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