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Drive more engagement with your app

No matter what industry you’re in—SaaS, Fintech, gaming, or anything else—get all your app and marketing data in one place, so you can reach people with personalized, behavior-based campaigns.

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View of user profile with tags and activity feed.

Act on user activity in your mobile or web app

With Mailchimp’s open API, you can connect your users’ in-app activity and marketing data in your audience dashboard, so you can create personalized campaigns. You can have your own developer connect your app with our API documentation or hire a Mailchimp expert to help.

An example of event based automation. User who recently created workout receives an email.

Keep users engaged with event-based automations

With Mailchimp’s behavioral targeting tools, you can personalize your emails based on people’s actions—and automate them so you can focus on other things. Send emails when users hit milestones like downloads, user registration, subscription renewal, and more to drive re-engagement and acquire new customers.

Example of email and Instagram ad.

Reach your customers wherever they are

Grab their attention when they’re browsing the web, scrolling through social feeds, or checking their mailbox when you launch a multichannel campaign.

Get a holistic view of your data by connecting the rest of your tools

When you integrate all the tools in your stack, you can easily see what’s working and what isn’t in your marketing mix. Mailchimp integrates with over 200 apps and web services so you see all your data in one place.

Campaign engagement chart with email report stats.

Optimize your marketing strategy with clear reporting

Our reports make it easy to monitor campaign performance, audience growth, clicks, and more, so you can make smart decisions about how to spend your marketing budget.

Email verification email.

Customize your transactional emails

Send personalized emails to your users, and be there when they need you with signup confirmations, password resets, and more.

Audience insights dashboard showing recent campaign data.

Learn more about your people with audience insights

Our audience dashboard makes it easy for you to spot patterns in customer behavior, see trends in engagement, and better understand the people using your app. We’ll even create pre-built segments for you to target based on user activity, demographics, and more.

“The hook back to our database is incredibly important, because it keeps our data up to date, relevant, and accurate so that when we're emailing, we are doing so at the right point in someone’s customer life cycle.”

Daisy Downs, co-founder of UrbanSitter

Supporting you from day one

We’re here to help you connect your app, set up automations, or point you in the right direction whenever you get lost. Get the help you need with marketing guides, step-by-step tutorials, an award-winning support team, and more.

"Mailchimp’s support team is awesome. They’re like family, holding your hand through your business."

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