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Business Postcards

Say hi in real life with printed business postcards

Design and upload business postcard mailers that fit your brand, and we'll print, stamp, and deliver them to people around the world for as little as 79 cents a card.

Illustration of a seagull with a postcard

We’ve put a modern and automated twist on a classic marketing channel. (Think of it as email for mailboxes.)

  • All your marketing channels, connected

    Design and manage your postcards alongside your other marketing in Mailchimp.

  • Reach your people, automatically

    Easy-to-use postcard automation reminds people about events, sales, and more.

  • Reporting and tracking, in real time

    Track where your postcard is in the delivery process and your ROI.

Stand out with postcards

  • Let your audience know about your grand opening or an upcoming sale with business postcards.

  • Send promo codes to a segment of your most engaged shoppers.

  • Give shoppers extra incentive to return to your store and finish checking out by pairing a postcard with an abandoned cart email.

    Photo of an abandoned cart postcard
  • Or both! Delight your audience with a greeting or thank-you they can hang on the fridge.

Photo of an abandoned cart postcard

We've got tools to help you reach more people with postcards

Abstracted UI of turning on Address Finder.

Don’t have mailing addresses? We can help with that

Send postcards to your existing contacts, even if you only have their email addresses. Our address finder matches mailing addresses to your contacts, so you can talk to them from inbox to mailbox.

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"The primary benefit of postcards is for our customers to have something tangible delivered right to their mailbox," says Virginia. "We’ve seen a five times ROI from our re-engagement postcards."

Virginia Johnson, Creative Director, Onward Reserve

Send on any budget

Mail postcards to 27 countries around the world, whether you're sending 1 or thousands.

Campaigns are printed and sent from the U.S., so postage costs and delivery times vary by country.
Grid that summarizes the pricing for sending postcards in the US and internationally.
Sending within U.S.
cost per card with postage
Sending outside U.S.
cost per card with postage
1-50 postcards
51 - 5,000 postcards
5,001 - 10,000 postcards
+ 10,001 postcards


  • Mailchimp provides you with the tools to send tangible postcards to your contact list for any occasion. Whether you want to personally wish your customers a happy new year or inform them of an upcoming promotion, you can do so with Mailchimp.

    So, how do you send business postcards? You’ll first need to select your audience based on your marketing needs. You can reach your entire contact list or target a specific segment. Plus, you don’t need to have their mailing address to send a postcard as our audience finder will look for missing mailing addresses.

  • In general, Mailchimp postcards can cost anywhere between $0.48 to $0.72. Keep in mind that you’ll also need to pay for postage, which ranges from $0.79 to $1.03 in the United States and $0.82 to $1.58 for cards sent outside the US. Ultimately, how much you’ll pay to send business postcards depends on several factors, including:

    • Quantity
    • Cost
    • Postage
    • Location

    For example, you can expect to pay $17.50 if you send 10 cards within the US. The good news is that the more cards you send, the less you’ll have to pay per unit.

  • While they may seem old school, postcards have the power to help your brand stand out from the competition and remain top of mind. This is especially true when you combine postcards with other marketing techniques. After all, it isn't every day that people receive printed postcards. On the other hand, individuals are flooded with email campaigns from different brands daily.

    Moreover, postcards allow you to establish a personal connection with new and existing contacts. Personalizing your postcard campaign can encourage recipients to remember your brand.

  • With Mailchimp, you can create and schedule postcards within a few minutes. Simply head over to Campaigns and click Postcard to start designing your printed card. Our postcard software is easy to use, so you can add photos, body text, a heading, your brand’s logo, and even promo codes.

    Once you’re done designing your postcard, preview it to make sure it looks good and prints correctly. If you’re happy with the postcard, exit the builder, choose the audience and budget, and hit send.

  • The best way to send out business postcards is with Mailchimp. While we don’t want to brag, our tools make sending business postcards easy. Whether you’re looking to send a promotional card in the US or market new products to customers in France, we’re here to help your brand stand out.

    When used in combination with our other marketing tools, you can engage more customers, boost your brand’s visibility, and grow your sales—no matter your industry or size.

Get started with business postcards

Go beyond inboxes and social channels to delight your customers.