Say hi in real life with printed postcards

Print, stamp, and mail postcards to people around the world for as little as 75 cents a card.

Illustration of a seagull with a postcard

We’ve put a modern twist on a classic marketing channel. (Think of it as email for mailboxes.)

All your marketing channels, connected

From design to send, you can manage your postcards alongside all your other marketing in Mailchimp. Create your design, choose who you want to reach, and we’ll send your postcard on your behalf.

Customize your message to fit any audience

We make it easy to send to different segments of your audience, so you can find the right way to speak to them and get a better sense of who they are. Target your existing contacts based on shared location, interests, and other demographics.

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Don’t have mailing addresses? We can help with that

Sign up for a monthly plan, so we can find your contacts’ addresses for you. Stay tuned: We’ve got smart audience building tools coming soon, so you can find new people similar to ones you already talk to through other channels.

Follow up with customers, automatically

Keep your brand in front of your customers with an automated postcard that sends at regular intervals to remind people about a recurring event, ongoing promotion, and more.

See your results, make better decisions

Keep track of how far along your postcard is in the sending process. You can even add a promo code for an event or special offer, so you can see how postcards are adding to your bottom line.

Do anything you want with postcards

  • Make an announcement

    Let your audience know about your grand opening or an upcoming sale.

  • Reward loyal customers

    Send promo codes to a segment of your most engaged shoppers.

  • Recover abandoned carts

    Photo of an abandoned cart postcard

    Give shoppers extra incentive to return to your store and finish checking out by pairing a postcard with an abandoned cart email.

  • Say hello or thank you

    Or both! Delight your audience with a greeting or thank-you they can hang on the fridge.

Photo of an abandoned cart postcard
Illustration of a woman reading a postcard

How to send postcards that make your brand stand out

See what it takes

Create something people can hold on to



Add a beautiful image, a catchy headline, and your logo.



Start with a few postcards, then send more as your budget allows.



Choose the audience you want to send to.



Send your postcard, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Send postcards on any budget

You can mail postcards to 27 countries around the world, whether you're sending just 1 or thousands. Your campaigns are printed and sent from the U.S., so postage costs and delivery times vary by country. Print, stamp, and mail for as little as 75 cents a card.

QuantitySending within U.S. (cost per card)Sending outside U.S. (cost per card)
1 - 50$0.99$1.04–$1.51
51 - 5,000$0.95$1.00–$1.47
5,001 - 10,000$0.90$0.95–$1.42
+ 10,001$0.75$0.80–$1.27

Get started with postcards

Go beyond inboxes and social channels to delight your customers.