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Combine the personal touch of a printed postcard campaign with Mailchimp’s powerful data tools. Use postcards to share promo codes, announce an event, recover abandoned carts, or just say thank you with a fun and friendly message your recipients will want to hold onto.

In this article, you’ll learn how Mailchimp postcards work, how much they cost, and where you can send them.

How it Works

A postcard campaign helps you stand out from the crowd, and gives people something tangible to remember you by. Postcards reinforce the messages you’ve sent through emails, ads, and elsewhere, which makes them a smart addition to your multichannel marketing strategy.

image shows example of front and back of postcard

You can send a postcard to every type of contact, regardless of their email marketing status. Even if you don’t have physical addresses in your list yet, our address finder can help you reach them. And whether you want to target your entire list or just a segment, we can accommodate your marketing needs.

About Address Finder

Address finder checks your list and provides Mailchimp with missing addresses. This tool enables us to send more postcards on your behalf, but it doesn’t share the address data or add it to your list. Address finder is only available with a Monthly paid plan or Mailchimp Pro, but Forever Free and Pay As You Go users can test it out when they create a postcard.

We may not be able to find every address, especially if your contacts live in a country that restricts direct mail. To ensure you reach everyone in your target audience, we recommend you use GDPR-friendly signup forms to collect and store physical addresses in your list. If you import addresses, you’ll need to make sure they meet our specific formatting requirements, or our system won’t recognize them.

Collect Consent with GDPR Forms
Verify or Format the Address Field

Types of Postcard Campaigns

There are three types of postcard campaigns in Mailchimp: one-time send, recurring, and abandoned cart. Each uses the same style of postcard, but works differently depending on your audience, budget, schedule, and other settings.

  • One-time send
    The one-time send campaign is designed to be the most easy-to-use option for your business needs. Use it to manually send a single postcard, one time, to people in the target audience of your choice.
  • Recurring
    The recurring campaign automatically sends your audience a postcard every month, every 3 months, or every 6 months, depending on the schedule you choose. This is a good way to raise brand awareness or remind people of a regular event.
  • Abandoned cart
    If you’ve connected your store to Mailchimp, the abandoned cart campaign automatically sends a postcard to customers who add an item to their shopping cart but fail to complete their purchase within 24 hours.

How Much it Costs

Postcards are $0.48 to $0.72 USD each, not including postage costs that vary by country. The more postcards you send, the less you’ll pay per unit.

Here's a breakdown of postcard pricing by quantity.

Quantity Cost per card With postage (U.S.)With postage (outside U.S.)
1-50 $0.72 $0.99 $1.04-$1.51
51-5,000 $0.68 $0.95 $1.00-$1.47
5,001-10,000 $0.63 $0.90 $0.95-$1.42
10,001+ $0.48 $0.75 $0.80-$1.27

Where You Can Send

You can send postcards globally, but there are some countries where direct mail is limited by law. Here’s where you can send your postcard campaign, along with the postage rate for each location.

Location Postage Send With List Data Send With Address Finder
Australia $0.66 yes yes
Austria $0.70 yes no
Belgium $0.70 yes no
Brazil $0.36 yes yes
Canada $0.76 yes yes
Chile $0.34 yes yes
China $0.34 yes yes
Denmark $0.70 yes no
Finland $0.70 yes yes
France $0.75 yes no
Germany $0.76 yes no
Greece $0.66 yes no
Hong Kong $0.35 yes no
India $0.66 yes yes
Ireland $0.34 yes yes
Italy $0.79 yes yes
Japan $.74 yes no
Latvia $0.34 yes yes
Mexico $0.32 yes yes
Netherlands $0.70 yes no
New Zealand $0.66 yes yes
Norway $0.70 yes yes
Spain $0.71 yes yes
Sweden $0.70 yes yes
Switzerland $0.70 yes yes
United Kingdom $0.75 yes yes
United States $0.27 yes yes

If a country isn’t listed here, you won’t be able to send to it at this time.

Tracking and Delivery

After your postcard order is submitted, we’ll review the content for compliance issues and send it to our printer in the U.S. We estimate your postcards will print in 1 business day and arrive at their destination in 5-9 business days, depending on where your recipients are located. For one-time sends and recurring postcards, you can view delivery progress in your campaign report.

image shows status bar with markers for order placed, sent to printer, printing complete, mailed, delivered

Occasionally, some events may slow delivery. This includes holidays, as well as natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances. The USPS provides a list of reasons why a very small percentage of all mail is undeliverable.


Delivery estimates are only available for U.S. recipients at this time. If your recipients are outside the U.S., we’ll track their campaign from Order placed to Mailed.

About the Paper

Each postcard is 4.25-by-6 inches and printed on everyday digital gloss paper stock.


As we continue to develop this feature, we’re testing paper with recycled content and working with suppliers who share our values. We’re also committed to making our final product fully FSC-certified, and are considering multiple ways we can minimize and offset its impact. It's important to us to get this right.

Get Started

When you’re ready to begin sending postcards, here are some resources to help you get started.

Create a One-Time Send Postcard
Create a Recurring Postcard
Create an Abandoned Cart Postcard

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