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Personalizing Your App's Marketing with Mailchimp's API

How Roadie synced its app with the Mailchimp API to send people the information they need, at exactly the moment they need it.

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Every day 250 million passenger vehicles cruise American roads with 4 billion cubic feet of unused cargo space. For the people behind Roadie, a crowdsourced same-day delivery service, this wasted space represented incredible opportunity. Now their app is changing the way people ship and receive things—placing deliveries in cars that are already on the road, headed in the right direction.

But as they parlay with drivers and receivers simultaneously, it's essential that they organize their audience and send personalized messages to each user. By connecting their app to the Mailchimp API, it's easy to do just that.

"When we have thousands of deliveries happening at the same time, it's especially important that we give that information to people when they need it most," says Jamie Gottlieb, a content marketing manager at Roadie.

With Mailchimp's API, they provide users with essential details at precisely the right moment.

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The result: An engaged community of users

Synced with Mailchimp's API, the Roadie team has everything they need to deliver a meaningful, personalized experience to each person who uses their app—whether that's as a sender, driver, or recipient. And that's key for their business to thrive. "Mailchimp has been a huge part in offering our community personalization at scale," says Jamie. "Ultimately that gives both our drivers and our senders a great delivery experience, but even more important than that—it helps us make sure that every delivery stays on track."

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The tool: Mailchimp's API

By connecting to the Mailchimp API, the Roadie team uses tags and segments to organize their audience based data that's in the app. "We know that if a driver just delivered a gig, we can send them a specific message. Or if it's the first time that someone created their first delivery and is sending for the first time, we can send them another message that just tells them good job," says Jamie. Plus, they use Mailchimp to automate what they send and figure out what's working best. "Mailchimp gives us the actionable insights to be able to create compelling, engaging, and personalized marketing programs. These things help us engage with our customers and grow our community."

The goal: Send timely, personalized content

Roadie's success hinges on communication. Senders need to know how to place a delivery; drivers need to know where they're going and what to pick up, and recipients need to know when to expect a shipment. Not only do they need to send the right information to the right people at the right time, the content must be clear and compelling. The key? Personalization. "We have to understand our data to personalize the customer experience every step of the way," says Mary Frances Jones, head of marketing.

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