Give your customers what they really want

Mailchimp’s personalization tools help you send the content that matters most to your audience.

Make your marketing unique to every customer

Right people

Segment your audience based on their interests and shopping preferences.

Right message

Add merge tags to your emails to send your contacts dynamic content.

Right moment

Get your message in front of people at the exact moment they need it.

Right suggestion

Recommend products from your store people didn’t even know they wanted.

Everything you need to personalize your marketing

Make your emails feel like a conversation between you and your customers

Drop a merge tag into your email, and we’ll pull in content specific to each of your contacts to make your marketing feel more personal. Add something as simple as a customer’s first name, or even create an entire email using nothing but merge tags.

Create a personalized shopping experience for every customer

Connect your store to make sure your marketing speaks to who your customers are and what they care about. Let people in Atlanta know about an upcoming pop-up event you’re hosting in the city. Follow up with customers who bought a bassinet from your shop with recommendations for cribs they might like in a few months.

Take the guesswork out of finding the best time to send emails

With send time optimization, we’ll look at patterns in your data and send your emails when people are most likely to engage.

Send your email based on your customers’ time zones

Schedule your emails to go out at the same time across time zones, so people will get them when they're most likely to be online. There’s no need to send multiple versions of an email to make sure your readers get it at a time that’s right for them.

Get to know your customers with predicted demographics

When you connect your store, we'll predict your customers' gender and age range so you know how to talk to them.

“Mailchimp's predicted demographics feature helps me understand more about who I'm talking to so I can refine my message to connect with them in the best way possible. It's not just an email; it's a relationship.”

Tim Scott, co-founder of Mitscoots

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