Contact Profiles

Discover the people behind your data

Contact profiles give you an in‑depth view of each person in your audience—simple, powerful, and accessible from any device.

Learn more about your contacts so you can have conversations that matter.

See how each contact interacts with your campaigns

Rather than simply looking at a campaign’s performance in a report, you can check out individual contact profiles to meet the people behind the clicks. There you’ll learn things like whether or not they’ve read something on mobile, when they joined your list, and more.

Add notes and tags to keep track of what you know

Not only can you have more relevant conversations with a contact’s profile at your fingertips, you can also leave notes or add a tag based on what you talk about. That way, you have the information you need to follow up with the right message later, or you can even set up automations based on tags you apply.

Check out your contacts’ purchase history

When you connect your store, Mailchimp’s e-commerce features track purchases tied to your campaigns. In each contact’s profile, you'll see their purchase information and which of your campaigns led them to buy something, so you can figure out what works for your people.

Access profiles on the go

Check out contact profiles no matter where you are with Mailchimp’s mobile app. Track your contacts’ recent activity, view the information you’ve collected about them, or see how they’ve responded to past campaigns—all from the palm of your hand.