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Contact Profiles

Discover the people behind your data

Contact profiles give you an in-depth view of each person in your audience—simple, powerful, and accessible from any device.

Learn more about your contacts so you can have conversations that matter.

Benefits_Contact Profiles

Check out your contacts’ purchase history

When you connect your store, Mailchimp’s e-commerce features track purchases tied to your campaigns. In each contact’s profile, you'll see their purchase information and which of your campaigns led them to buy something, so you can figure out what works for your people.

Add notes and tags to keep track of what you know

Not only can you have more relevant conversations with a contact’s profile at your fingertips, you can also leave notes or add a tag based on what you talk about. That way, you have the information you need to follow up with the right message later, or you can even set up automations based on tags you apply.

See how each contact interacts with your campaigns

Rather than simply looking at a campaign’s performance in a report, you can check out individual contact profiles to meet the people behind the clicks. There you’ll learn things like whether or not they’ve read something on mobile, when they joined your list, and more.

A mobile view of the Mailchimp App displaying a contact profile for Ramona Jenson

Manage your contacts with Mailchimp’s mobile app

Track your contacts’ recent activity to see how they’re engaging with your campaigns. You can also quickly create tags, add personal notes, or reach out to contacts directly via email, text, or call.


  • Mailchimp offers customer contact software for small businesses and large ones to help marketers better understand their audience. The best part is that using Mailchimp’s customer profile tools is simple. In order to use contact profiles on Mailchimp, the first step is setting up an audience. Import or enter customer contact information to create an audience and Mailchimp will automatically create contact profiles for the individuals in your audience.

    To view an individual’s contact profile, click on Audience, select All contacts, and click a contact’s email address. This will bring you to a customer’s contact profile, where you can edit their information, view available data, add tags, and more.

  • As you create an email marketing strategy, you may find that personalization is a valuable tool. Adding personalized touches to emails—from addressing an individual by name to providing them with suggested products—can help you connect with customers and boost engagement. Using customer profile software, you can further segment your audience and target groups based on their behavior.

    With Mailchimp’s customer profile tools, you can add tags to a customer’s contact profile that’ll impact the automations you set up. Tags help you organize and segment your contacts, which allows for more personalized email marketing campaigns. For example, once you navigate to an individual’s contact profile, you can add tags that identify whether that person regularly makes purchases during sales or lives out of state.

  • There are many examples where Mailchimp’s customer contact software can be used to provide your company with insights and bolster marketing campaigns. For instance, let’s say you connect your e-commerce store to Mailchimp. In this case, you can use contact profiles to view their previous purchases and which marketing campaigns may have led them to make those purchases. This can be a great way to measure the success of different marketing campaigns, especially in relation to certain audience segments.

  • When you create an audience in Mailchimp, every customer in that audience will be assigned a contact profile. You can open an individual’s contact profile to view all available information about them, such as previous purchases, engagement levels, marketing status, and more. Within an individual’s contact profile, you can also edit their information, add notes, assign tags, and make other changes as needed.

  • A customer profile refers to a record or document that provides insight into a particular customer’s habits, interests, or behaviors. By using customer profile tools, you can get a better understanding of your audience on an individual level and create audience segments for marketing campaigns.

    Customer profile software such as Mailchimp allows you to create contact profiles to see how individuals engage with your campaigns and navigate through the customer journey.

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