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Best Customers Automation

Give your biggest fans the recognition they deserve

Bring your best customers back to your store by showing them how much you value them.

An automated email for your best customers.

The easiest way to show some appreciation to your top customers based on how they shop.

Best Customers

Do less, sell more

We've found that orders per person are 5 times greater when you use best customer automations rather than bulk email campaigns.

Reward customer loyalty

Make your favorite customers happy with special offers or promo codes and grow your sales at the same time. It’s a win-win.

Choose your best customers

You decide who to reach out to based on orders or how they spend. We make sure the message gets to the right customer.

How to reward customers

  • Connect your store to Mailchimp to bring in customer data, then choose a list connected to your store.

    The screen where you can select an automation once your store is connected.
  • You can choose whether it’s triggered by the amount of money spent or other shopping behavior.

    The screen where you select the details of your automation trigger.
  • Our email designer makes it easy to customize your message and add promo codes, product recommendations, and more.

    The email designer.
  • Turn it on and you’re good to go. Emails will automatically go out to your best customers when they buy your stuff.

    An automated best customers email.
The screen where you can select an automation once your store is connected.
The screen where you select the details of your automation trigger.
The email designer.
An automated best customers email.

“The best customers automation saves me about 2-5 hours a week on work by not having to send emails to each individual customer.”

Jessica Sennett, founder of Cheese Grotto

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  • Customer experience automation lets you instantly deliver messages to customers as they interact with your brand. These touchpoints are designed to provide support, raise awareness about special offers, engage customers, encourage contacts to make a purchase, and more.

    Customer experience automation tools empower you to communicate with customers, regardless of where they are in the buying journey. While this is similar to email marketing automation, customer support automation focuses on creating meaningful relationships with your contacts.

    There are many types of customer support automation. One example is automated responses that are triggered by different activities, including when a contact purchases something, abandons their cart, or hasn’t bought anything in a while. You can also enable automated rewards like promotional offers to contacts on their birthday or other special occasions. Not only does this show you care, but it can also persuade contacts to shop.

    If you want to automate your messaging, we can help you get started. Our marketing automation software provides you with the tools you need to create successful campaigns and grow your business.

  • One of the best ways to show your customers you appreciate their business is through the use of automated rewards. With Mailchimp, you can automatically send messages containing special offers and promo codes to your most loyal customers. As a result, you can re-engage customers and incentivize them to shop again.

    To get started, simply connect your store to Mailchimp and choose your desired audience. Contacts are segmented into groups based on their shopping habits, including how much they spend or the number of times they’ve ordered from your brand. This allows you to tailor your messaging to specific audiences.

    Then, you can begin crafting your email using our easy-to-use email builder. We make it easy to create a stunning and professional email that’ll capture the attention of your contacts. Plus, you can customize your campaign however you like and include promo codes, special offers, product recommendations, and more. You’ll also have access to promo code data and other valuable insights to measure the effectiveness of your campaign and identify elements that need improvement.

  • Thanking your customers for their business can go a long way, and a customer appreciation strategy ensures you say thank you in the best way possible. Customer appreciation strategies are often designed to show customers that you care about their experience with your brand while also driving loyalty. In turn, this can boost your sales and engagement. Here are some tips that can help you create a customer appreciation strategy:

    • Reward top shoppers–Mailchimp’s automated rewards allow you to treat loyal customers to exclusive offers, freebies, surprise sales, and more. Doing so can strengthen your relationship with your customer.
    • Send postcards–Printed postcards can be sent to repeat shoppers and VIP customers to show your gratitude. You can also send personalized postcards to contacts on their birthday or special holidays.
    • Ask for feedback–By sending surveys to your customers, you can demonstrate your willingness to improve their experience with your brand.

Start rewarding your people

It doesn’t take long to set up. And it helps you sell more stuff.

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