Subscriber profiles

Get insight about your subscribers and keep your contacts in one place with subscriber profiles. Click someone's name to see engagement, website activity, and more.

Desktop view of a Subscriber Profile
Mobile view of a Subscriber Profile

Add notes and one-to-one conversations to profiles, so you can remember who your customers are. And you can access it all from desktop or mobile, so it's easy to add notes when you're out and about meeting new people.

Automation and personalization

MailChimp helps you email the right people at the right time. Send automated emails based on customer behavior and preferences. Get started with pre-built Workflows or use our built-in segmentation and targeting options to build custom rules. And get in-depth reporting on how each of your automated series is performing. Our tools help you learn more about your customers and send them timely, relevant content.

Screenshot of Automation Configuration dashboard
iPhone screenshot of email campaign

What's the best time to send?

MailChimp's send time optimization recommends the best send time within 24 hours of your selected delivery date, determined by your specific list's engagement data. Send time optimization is powered by MailChimp's ongoing big data initiative, Email Genome Project.

How do I target smarter?

Pick a list or part of a list, and using Discover Similar Subscribers, we'll analyze it and build new segments of likeminded people from your subscriber base.

How can I grow my list?

With Twitter Tailored Audiences, you can target your subscribers on Twitter and make it easy for them to share your content with other people who have similar interests.

Advanced analytics

In addition to the reports that come with every account, MailChimp offers plenty of advanced reporting options that you can access from anywhere.

Desktop view of MailChimp Reports dashboard
Mobile view of MailChimp Reports within MailChimp Mobile

Monitor sales and website activity with revenue reports. With Google Analytics, you can inform your email content with purchase data and more.

Flexible design options for teams of all sizes

Add content and collaborate on campaigns that fit your brand, using MailChimp's Email Designer. Want to build your own email? Check out our email template reference.

Desktop view of MailChimp's drag and drop editorReceive feedback through comments with in MailChimp's campaign editor

MailChimp's collaboration options, like multi-user accounts and comments inside the editor, will speed up the design process and fit right into your workflow.

If you send transactional email, use MailChimp alongside Mandrill. Our email infrastructure service, Mandrill, is built for fast, reliable one-to-one messaging.

Send anytime, anywhere

MailChimp is a fully responsive app, so you can use it wherever and whenever you want to. And we have a suite of mobile apps to support you.

Screenshot of a campaign send confirmation on MailChimp mobile

Access your MailChimp account from your phone with MailChimp Mobile. Check your reports, add notes about a contact, or send a campaign when your team is finished working on it.

Create new campaigns or edit draft campaigns on the MailChimp editor for mobile
Add content to your campaigns in the MailChimp editor for mobile

Edit campaigns, collaborate with your team, and send from a tablet with MailChimp Editor. And with MailChimp Subscribe, you can collect signups from your tablet, even when you're not online.

Our templates and forms are mobile-ready out of the box, so you don't have to worry about coding anything special to make sure your emails look good on different screens.

Relentless innovation

We're constantly studying data and using it to create new tools and products for you.

We use data to improve our abuse prevention initiative that's always working in the background to keep our system clean. We also use it to create tools, like Discover Similar Segments, which helps you uncover segments within your list.

MailChimp's advanced features are free and easy to use. We can help you determine the best time to send a campaign, and quickly test subject lines before you send. You can even automatically send your campaigns at the same time in different time zones with the click of a button.

Our data scientists and engineers blog about new products and features, and our researchers publish their insights on our website. We share this knowledge so you can send better email.

We make products that support MailChimp customers with specific needs, like Gather, our SMS app for events.

Built for growth

Our API allows you to adapt your email marketing to fit your workflow. Whether it's time to integrate with a CRM, send transactional email with Mandrill, or build your own CMS, MailChimp will scale with your business.

MailChimp API wrappers hosted on

Our API offers in-depth documentation, wrapper downloads, and how-to documents. Almost all the data and functionality within our app is accessible, so the possibilities are endless. We encourage developers to integrate their own products with MailChimp and add to our growing collection of third-party apps.


And MailChimp already integrates with hundreds of apps and services, like Salesforce, Eventbrite, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey. Sync your data, import content from other sources, and see how your newsletters affect your business.