Instantly send welcome emails to new customers

Personalize emails based on customer interests

Send emails based on customers' website activity and behavioral targeting

Provide product recommendations based on previous purchases

Automation that works

MailChimp takes the guesswork out of a variety of common automation tasks. Get started with our pre-built Workflows, then customize your triggers and list segments when your marketing needs change.

Welcome new customers

New customers might need a little help getting started with your product or service. Set up a single email or onboarding series to show them everything your business has to offer.

Follow up on website activity

Use our Goal integration to email customers who navigate to a specific page from your campaign. Or convert interested subscribers into customers by sending relevant information based on what they viewed on your site.

Put purchase data to use

Send customers special care instructions and product recommendations based on their previous purchases from your store. Reward your top spenders, and gather feedback on everyone's shopping experience.

Email about events

Send a series of emails leading up to and after your next event. Remind people of the place and time, ask them to sign up for SMS messaging for quick updates, and send a survey to ask attendees about their experience.

Choose when to send screenshot

Choose when to send

Easily define when your emails go out. Trigger workflows to start sending instantly, only on weekdays, or based on other criteria you chose. Set time delays between emails in a series, and set triggers within your workflow so that emails further into the series only send to subscribers who’ve opened or clicked.

Control your Workflow screenshot

Control your workflow

Workflows let you control the conditions for your automated emails. View all of your messages in one place, and drag-and-drop to determine their send order.

Monitor engagement screenshot

Monitor engagement

MailChimp's extensive, built-in reporting features track customer engagement and conversions, so you can make changes when needed that help your company grow.

Track your performance

Workflow reports show you aggregate statistics for your entire automated series. See the average open and click rates across all emails, how many people are in the queue for each workflow, and how many subscribers are added to the series over time. Plus, see the changes in your open and clicks rate by month. Get a daily summary report for each of your workflows delivered straight to your inbox.

Get to know your customers

View individual reports for each step in your series, giving you insight into your customers' e-commerce conversions, geolocation, and more. Any time you make changes to a step in your series, we'll indicate the change and reset your statistics.

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Tools that scale screenshot

Tools that scale

As your business grows, your marketing needs change. MailChimp's automation tools are built to grow and change with you.

Design custom workflows

Using MailChimp's built-in triggers, set up an entirely custom automated workflow that fits your marketing goals. Choose your trigger criteria, list segment, and the number of steps in the series.

Make MailChimp yours

Our powerful API is available for building custom connections between your business and our dashboard. Use the API to set up triggers for sending automated messages that are entirely unique to your business.

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Microsoft Dynamics
Google Docs

Do more with integrations

MailChimp integrates with hundreds of web services, so you can expand on our built-in features and sync customer data to use in your automated emails.

Manage information

MailChimp integrates with customer management systems like Salesforce and Batchbook. Using the same merge field change option as a custom trigger, you can send messages when your customer's information is updated in your database. Or use our Zapier integration to connect your MailChimp account with web services like Google Forms, PayPal, and Stripe.

Collect information

Use different signup forms for different customers. With Unbounce, you can create forms that integrate with your MailChimp lists for different aspects of your business. Segment and create automated follow-up messages targeted to your customers' locations.

Data research

MailChimp's data team analyzes the 17 billion emails we send each month to help you make the most of your campaigns through features like our Subject Line Researcher and Discover Similar Subscribers.

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Our email infrastructure service sends one-to-one emails like password reminders, personalized account notifications, and more. Use Mandrill on its own, or as a complement to your existing MailChimp account.

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Experts Directory

Need help connecting an integration or creating a custom project for your business? Looking for custom development work on MailChimp's API? Use MailChimp's Experts Directory to hire someone with the right skills for the job.

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Guide to Automation

Read our guide to see how to make the most of MailChimp's automation features.

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