Send an onboarding series to introduce new subscribers to your business. Automatically follow up with customers after a purchase. Surprise your best subscribers with a coupon triggered by their shopping behavior. With MailChimp, you get enterprise-level automation without any of the headaches.

Welcome new customers

Make a powerful first impression. Set up a single automated email or an onboarding series to show customers everything you have to offer. Or, extend a warm welcome to new subscribers.

Put purchase data to use

Send customers special instructions or recommendations tailored to their purchases from your store. Nurture lasting relationships and reward your top spenders by sending coupons and discounts triggered automatically by their shopping behavior.

Follow up on website activity

Use our Goal integration to email customers who navigate from your campaign to a specific page on your website. Or, convert interested subscribers into customers by sending relevant information based on what they viewed on your site.

Create a win-back campaign

Re-engage your existing customers by creating a win-back email series. Show your appreciation for their business, offer incentives, or highlight some of the products and services they might be missing. If they remain unengaged, automatically remove them from a group, segment, or list.

Create beautiful emails

Create automation workflows using MailChimp’s intuitive drag and drop editor. Easily design elegant, effective emails that are consistent with your other marketing communications.

Stay in control

Customize our pre-built workflows with triggers and send times that work best for your business and audience. Each individual email in a series is governed by its own unique segmentation conditions and post-sending list actions. This lets you automatically update subscriber information and easily add or remove subscribers from a workflow based on behaviors like clicks, purchases, and more. Trigger sends on time delays or engagement levels. View all of your messages in one place, then drag and drop to determine sending order.

Customize, test, repeat

Create custom workflows based on API calls, Mandrill activity, or other elements unique to your business. Customize further by using Mandrill to build automated emails that send directly from your website or online store. Set up an email series that uses branching logic and incorporate transactional email activity. Then, send all of that data back to your MailChimp account so you can learn from it later.

Do more with integrations

From WordPress to Facebook, Salesforce to Magento, MailChimp integrates with the apps and web services you use every day. Set up eCommerce360 to track visitors to your website and capture order information, then connect with a shopping cart to send workflows based on purchase behavior. Use Goal to automatically email subscribers who navigate to your website or online store from your email.

Microsoft Dynamics
Google Docs

Measure your success

MailChimp’s extensive, built-in reporting features track customer engagement and conversions so you can monitor your performance. Quickly analyze aggregate statistics like open and click rates for your entire automated series with our workflow reports. View individual reports for each email in the series for insight into your customers’ e-commerce conversions, geolocation, and more.

Automation resources

Need help getting started? MailChimp’s extensive collection of Knowledge Base articles, guides, and blog posts will provide you with detailed walkthroughs and use-case examples so you can get the most out of our automation features.