Atlanta, GA (PRWEB)

October 17, 2007

MailChimp announces the release of its new segmentation tool email marketers can use to send emails to a targeted subgroup. MailChimp’s new list segmentation tool is fully integrated with the existing email platform and is provided free-of-charge to all subscribers.

Each list can include up to 100 individual interest groups. Subscribers can self-select topics of interest and email frequency when signing up to a list. “With MailChimp’s email marketing solution, the days of batch and blast are over,” said Ben Chestnut, Co-Founder of MailChimp. “Now customers can use laser precision targeting when sending emails to their campaign list.” For example, a car enthusiast site could set up separate interest groups for sports cars and hybrid cars and then send out different messages to these two groups.

Marketers can select up to fifteen custom fields to filter their mailing list. “A marketer could select to send the email campaign just to people expressing interest in hybrid cars, living in zip code region starting with 303, with a birthday in the month of June, with a Gmail email address, and who signed up in the last two weeks,” said Chestnut. The filter tool can be used either exclusively or inclusively. Additionally, after each adjustment to the list filter, an updated list will be available to the email marketer.

Email marketer and founder of Steam Crow Press, Daniel Davis, said “These are exactly the types of features I have needed in order to target specific groups in my mailing list. Now I can target specific segments with the exact advertising and marketing strategies needed to attract and convert those segments.”

Lists can be filtered based on a subscriber’s response to a previous campaign. “Marketers can resend emails to prospects who did not open the previous email,” said Chestnut. “Or marketers can send detailed information to only those who opened and clicked on the previous mailing.”

In addition to the new segmentation feature, MailChimp has revamped the entire list signup process making it easy to modify signup forms to match the look and feel of marketers' sites.

About MailChimp

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