Atlanta, GA

September 19, 2013

MailChimp today announced a new and enhanced integration with leading social relationship platform HootSuite, making it even easier for marketing teams who use HootSuite and MailChimp to manage their social and email campaigns all from one dashboard.

The new MailChimp app for HootSuite allows users to add two streams to their HootSuite dashboard. Using the MailChimp campaigns stream, marketers and community managers can view campaign reports, share their campaigns across social networks and use the app’s reports to get an in-depth look at how their campaigns perform with their fans and followers. The MailChimp lists stream allows users to keep a close eye on list growth and list health by monitoring open and click rates, subscribes and unsubscribes. Using the two streams together gives marketers a full view of their email program’s performance so they can easily build complementary social campaigns.

A third feature of the new MailChimp app for HootSuite utilizes MailChimp’s list search and subscriber notes functionality. Now, when users view activity in their Twitter or Facebook streams in HootSuite, they can hover over a follower’s avatar, search their MailChimp list for a matching subscriber and add a note to that subscriber’s profile in MailChimp.

“What I like about this integration is that it makes it easy for teams to better manage their marketing campaigns as a whole,” says Amy Ellis, MailChimp’s Head of Integrations and Partnerships. “Seeing social conversations, sharing and tracking email campaigns, and monitoring list growth from the HootSuite dashboard makes it easier for marketers and community managers to see what’s resonating, or if something needs refining. Plus, the ability for a community manager to add a note to a subscriber’s profile, means that social and email teams can be more in sync”

“We are focused on providing a rich set of tools that help our users more effectively execute and manage their social campaigns,” says Mark Holder, Director of Platform at HootSuite. “Our integration with MailChimp allows marketers to monitor the performance of email campaigns from the same place they manage social campaigns. This provides a unique ability to fine-tune social campaigns and messaging on the fly within the HootSuite dashboard, without having to switch back and forth between applications.”


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