Send to the right people

Segmentation and groups make it easy to send people content they care about—and only content they care about.

Subscribers can join groups when they sign up for your newsletter, and you can segment by those groups when you’re ready to send. Add hidden groups if you want to segment by internal data.

Create seperate segments within your lists

Lots of options

There’s a range of options you can use to segment your list. Send a targeted event invitation to subscribers inside a particular radius around any point on the globe. Email only your most engaged subscribers about special offers and events. Segment by date added to send new subscribers a welcome email. You can even send to subscribers who have purchased items from your store to announce new products or updates.

Save your list segments to reuse again and again

Save segments

Want to save a segment for your growing list? Create an auto-updating segment based on specific criteria. Give us the conditions, save the segment, and we'll update it anytime you're ready to send.