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Beautiful Campaigns

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Pricing and Forever Free

MailChimp gives nonprofit organizations a 15-percent discount. And if your list has fewer than 2,000 subscribers, you can send up to 12,000 emails per month for free.

  •  Up to 2,000 Subscribers
  •  12,000 emails
  •  Completely Free

Mobile Optimized Templates

MailChimp’s responsive email templates make your newsletters look great on any device, and designers can code their own with our template language.

Our Popup Preview’s mobile option shows you how your campaign looks on a small screen before you click send.

“Our constituents mainly consume information online and with mobile devices. MailChimp makes their experience clean and easy.”

—Cyrus Buffum, Charleston Waterkeeper Executive Director

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Learn more about the ways we help nonprofits of all sizes, from small arts organizations to global NGOs. We’ll show you how to make the most of MailChimp’s features and integrations.

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Donor Management and App Integration

Our integrations help you manage your donors, patrons, and subscribers with the apps and tools you already use, like the Raiser's Edge and Eventbrite.

Take donor management into your own hands with our open API.

“I'm a real geek about user interface and good looking websites that work well. I really love that about MailChimp. It's so easy to use and intuitive. I can get in there and do whatever I need to.”

—Josh Rowland, Pacific Northwest Ballet Webmaster and Digital Media Specialist


Know Your Audience

MailChimp helps you identify your most influential subscribers on social networks. Features like Social Profiles let you know exactly who you're reaching and who you need to reach.

Custom Communication

Simple segmentation lets you connect with a variety of stakeholders who have different interests. Whether it’s donors or volunteers, board members or staff members, be sure your subscribers are only getting content they care about.

“I love MailChimp, to put it quite simply. It's helping us figure out ways to give our audiences exactly what they're looking for.”

—Jenny Anderson, Indianapolis Museum of Art Online Marketing Manager

Education and Support

Our support and education team will make sure you’re never left out in the cold. Use our live chat, email, Twitter, and self-service support for any questions you have along the way. Check out our free guides and demo videos for more step-by-step guidance.