Tailored Audiences

Provide a mailing list or segment, and tailored audiences will find an engaged group of Twitter users within that list. Then, target those people with Promoted Tweets.

Twitter Cards

Make the most of your Promoted Tweets. Twitter's Lead Generation cards allow people to sign up for your MailChimp list from Twitter.

Social Sharing

Share your emails on Twitter and other networks with one click in the campaign dashboard. Automatically tweet campaigns, or add a tweet button to your template so your readers can share the love.

Social Profiles

MailChimp's Social Profiles feature layers your mailing list with publicly available social data, so you can learn more about your subscribers who are also on Twitter.

Tweet Trends

Tweet Trends shows you a detailed overview of your subscribers' activities on Twitter. Get valuable insight into your readers by learning who else they follow, what hashtags they're using, what they're tweeting about—and what they're saying about you.

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