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Mailchimp Engineering

Stories from the engineers who build, scale, and extend Mailchimp.

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Mailchimp and WordPress

Bridging the Gap with Gravity Forms

Aaron SpeerSenior Software Engineer
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Leading Teams and Closing Loops

Your work isn’t solely defined by the PRs you push out

Soyo Awosika-OlumoSenior Software Engineer
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Breaking down the remote collaboration conundrum

How to pair program in the middle of a pandemic when you can’t even be in the same room

Mehdi VasighSenior Software Engineer
John HutchesonSenior Software Engineer
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Changing the tires on a moving bus

Adventures in refactoring a decade-old feature without ruining it for everyone

Nate RansonSoftware Engineer
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Scaling in the age of COVID 

When your product supports other products, what happens when the world goes online overnight?

Katie SilverioSenior Engineer and Tech Lead, Transactional Platform
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Computers are the easy part

Software systems are complex—and so are their human operators

Ray AshmanSoftware Engineer
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Empowering developers to empower the underdog

Introducing “Mailchimp Engineering,” a space to elevate developer stories

SJ MorrisSenior Manager of Development Community