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If you are a startup, developer, or established SaaS company, join our Integrations Program to unlock exclusive benefits and get your integration in front of millions of Mailchimp customers.

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Offer your audience the tools they need when you integrate with Mailchimp’s all-in-one Marketing Platform.

"Our customers know and trust Mailchimp so they love being able to use our platforms together"

Reach more people when you partner with us

Get your business in front of 11 million Mailchimp users through our integrations directory and co-marketing opportunities.

More benefits to give you a leg up on the competition

We offer Official Integration Partners extra support, exclusive resources, and invaluable opportunities to boost your business.

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Strengthen your network

Take advantage of exciting co-marketing opportunities, including speaking at or attending an event with us. Submit case studies for a chance to be featured in Mailchimp resource articles or our Integration Partners Newsletter, a monthly digest with exclusive partners-only content.

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Plan ahead with exclusive insights

Get access to exclusive content, including detailed product release notes and educational webinars. When available, partners may also receive a special invitation for beta access to explore new features and API endpoints.

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Get support when you need it

Have questions about your account? With free Mailchimp priority support, you can contact our support team for 24/7 email and 24/5 live-chat assistance. You'll be sent to the front of our support queue where a team of dedicated experts will help you.

Build on the Mailchimp API

We offer a variety of endpoints so that you can create the solutions that your customers need.

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Sync customer, order, and product data

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Customizable tags for audience segmentation

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Create, update, delete, archive, and sync contacts

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Send user behavior to trigger marketing campaigns

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Add content such as images to the content studio to use in campaigns.

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Collect information about audience changes as they happen

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You'll be in good company

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Before you apply

Make sure your integration meets the requirements to join Mailchimp’s Integrations Program—it should be:

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