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Make, formerly Integromat

Make lets you design, build, and automate by connecting Mailchimp with thousands of apps in just a few clicks.

English, Czech

Make is a visual platform that lets you design, build, and automate anything – from simple tasks to complex workflows – in minutes. It’s fast and easy to use, visually intuitive, and it requires zero coding expertise.

With Make, you can create and update subscriber and segment lists and execute campaigns with your data automatically. Simply connect Mailchimp to any of thousands ready-made apps on Make or use Make’s no-code toolkit, which includes the generic HTTP app that allows you to connect to any app or service with an API.

Experience marketing automation from start to finish, powered by Make, with these key features:

  • Complex, multisteps workflows
  • Real time visualizations of your automations
  • Safe and secure processing of sensitive data
  • Make’s powerful, no-code toolkit, which includes advanced features like iterations, aggregations, conditional logic, filtering, error handling, execution history log, and more!

Start now using any of these templates: keep previous links

  • Create Mailchimp subscribers from new Google Forms responses
  • Add/update a subscriber to Mailchimp for new Tripetto entries
  • Create GrowSurf subscribers from Mailchimp subscribers
  • Add new Shopify customers to a Mailchimp mailing list
  • Send welcome emails to Mailchimp subscribers using a Placeholder image
  • Add Mailchimp subscribers from Unbounce form submissions
  • Register new Mailchimp subscribers to a BigMarker conference
  • Connect Dux-Soup to Mailchimp: Create/Update subscriber and add to list
  • Add or update Mailchimp subscribers from Loyverse customers
  • Create or update a contact and create a deal in HubSpot CRM from a new Mailchimp subscriber
  • Create Mailchimp subscribers from new Google Sheets rows


Watch this video tutorial on how to connect Mailchimp to more than 500 apps like Google Sheets or Slack.