Integromat's no-code integration builder helps you connect apps and improve work flows. Use it to integrate Mailchimp with 500+ apps or to any API.

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Integromat provides a web-based tool to connect apps and automate workflows using a beautiful, no-code visual builder. Unlike other integration platforms, Integromat doesn't restrict Mailchimp users to step-by-step linear integrations; instead it gives them a blank canvas and a powerful building blocks to create complex integrations that are easy to create, modify, and maintain. Enterprise-level features like unlimited branching, filtering, and error handling allow users to use their most trusted apps to their fullest extent by integrating them exactly as they need. Using the built-in tools like the HTTP and JSON apps, one can connect to any web service or API without writing any code.


Image of how the Integromat integration works
Image of Integromat finding a subscriber to add to Mailchimp
Image of how Mailchimp routs to Hubspot CRM