Connect Mailchimp to any other online apps to automate your tasks, including both simple and complex workflows.
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With Integromat, you can link MailChimp to hundreds of other apps/services to streamline any task involving MailChimp. In addition to the apps/services ready for integration on our platform, you can use Integromat to link Mailchimp to any REST service, making any automation possible. And finally, with our enterprise-level features, not only can you connect and transfer data between services but also transform it to exactly how you need it. And it's simple to do. With our unique integration builder, you can drag and drop your desired apps together to create powerful integrations, all without writing a single line of code. Integromat is your one-stop shop for all your integration needs.

Image of how the Integromat integration works
Image of Integromat finding a subscriber to add to Mailchimp
Image of how Mailchimp routs to Hubspot CRM