The easiest way to design a campaign

Drag and drop photos and content blocks, so your words and images are exactly where you want them. Replicate and reorder content blocks with one click, and adjust the layout to your heart's content.

Built-in photo editing

Edit and resize images using our built-in tools. No need to open up another program just to tweak your photos.


MailChimp’s template editor adapts to your workflow. Post comments and send test emails for your team while you’re working on a campaign. Reply to each other’s feedback, and mark comments as read to check things off the list.

Test and preview for mobile

Push a test campaign to your own mobile device to quickly see what it's going to look like before sending, and preview desktop and mobile versions side-by-side to make sure they're both in great shape.

Optimized for mobile

All of your templates are mobile optimized, right out of the box. No expertise or custom coding required.

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