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    Segment your list based on purchase history, subscriber engagement, geolocation, and more.

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    MailChimp integrates with hundreds of other web services, and our integration fund pays for developers to build their own connections.

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    MailChimp works great with teams of any size. Collect feedback with comments, make changes with Editor, and send with MailChimp Mobile.

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    Our Expert Exchange Program connects you with MailChimp-approved experts to help with custom templates, list migration, email marketing strategy, and more. We'll even give you a discount on your first project to offset the cost.

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      If you’re not a frequent sender, you can purchase credits that work like stamps for email. Buy them when you need them, and don’t worry about squeezing value out of a monthly plan that doesn’t fit your needs.


      Up to 2,000 subscribers

      Send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free. No contracts, and no credit card required. It’s free forever.

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      Send an unlimited number of emails with a monthly account, or purchase email credits that never expire.

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      Use MailChimp’s rock solid infrastructure to power your email marketing, and stay in control with features for professional senders.