What’s inside:

Lots of info on setting up and successfully managing your own deliverability infrastructure, including tips on:

  • Hosting and hardware
  • Bounce handling
  • Feedback loops
  • Application development considerations

MailChimp will help you understand the roles that infrastructure and management play in deliverability, and how to leverage your infrastructure to help your marketing team deliver engaging content. Most of the information in this guide is targeted at the technical and social requirements for setting up your delivery infrastructure. If all this stuff is in place, you have a much better chance of hitting the inbox.


Email headers play a large role in tracking down who sent and received the so-called spam. But not every ISP supplies a standard ARF report, including VERP addresses and custom headers denoting account, recipient, etc. They don’t have to include the recipient in the returned email, and they can and will munge your headers. Make sure your FBL process has the capability to look at multiple headers and, if it fails to process them, alerts someone to handle the FBL report manually.
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