What’s inside:

Security 101 for email marketers, including:

  • Why email is valuable
  • How to protect your data
  • What to do if you get hacked
  • How an attack works

We take security seriously at MailChimp—and as an email marketer, you should too. While we have lots of security measures in place to keep your data safe, you’ve got some responsibilities of your own. This guide explains why evil hackers might want your data, how you can best protect yourself from their attacks, and what to do if you get compromised.


According to the Ponemon Institute, the value of a customer record is $204 in the US. For some people the value is much higher, and for others it's much lower. Some people use the simple "dollars earned divided by list size equals dollar–per–email value" calculation. (So if you made $120,000 off your campaigns and had 5,000 subscribers, then each subscriber is worth $24.) Though some are worth more than others, that calculation shows you how valuable email addresses are.
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