What’s inside:

More than 20 pages of written and visual research about how people read email on mobile devices. Topics include:

  • Industry numbers
  • Behaviors around mobile email
  • Best practices for mobile email
  • Designing for mobile
  • Video excerpts from our research

This study will help you understand how to optimize your content for the best readability on mobile devices. Learn all about how people read email on their smartphones, and then start creating beautiful, easier to read emails that are less likely to get filtered or deleted on a mobile device.


Mobile email usage is skyrocketing as sophisticated mobile devices permeate the consumer market. In early 2011, smartphone sales finally outsold PCs, marking a turning point in the way we consume digital content.
When we started our mobile-email research, we didn’t have a specific hypothesis or idea we wanted to investigate—we just wanted to observe people on their own phones, reading emails that they subscribe to.


Download a .zip file containing three templates built with media-queries. They’ll work within or outside of MailChimp, though we can't provide support related to the coding of these templates because of their experimental nature.

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