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  • April 27, 2021

    Reaction Commerce is now Mailchimp Open Commerce

    Open Commerce


    We’ve renamed Reaction Commerce to Mailchimp Open Commerce, and we’re relaunching on Mailchimp Developer with brand-new documentation and guides. The API’s GraphQL playground is also now available on Mailchimp Developer, and you can read past and upcoming Open Commerce release notes as well. 

    The existing Reaction Commerce site and documentation will be redirected to new spots on Mailchimp Developer. At this time, we aren’t changing the name within the codebase—repos will still be accessible at the same locations on GitHub, and there are no breaking changes.


    Reaction Commerce was acquired by Mailchimp in April 2020. As part of the transition, we are now integrating and enhancing Reaction Commerce as part of Mailchimp’s developer-focused products.