Atlanta, GA (PRWEB)

October 27, 2011

MailChimp today announced the launch of a new transactional email service called Mandrill. Subscribers can now send transactional, one-to-one emails via MailChimp’s delivery platform using the new Mandrill API calls or by using traditional SMTP protocols. Setup is a snap and sending results are displayed in the subscriber’s MailChimp account under reports.

Monthly MailChimp subscribers can sign up to participate in the Mandrill beta test at the link below. Access will be turned on per individual account during the testing period.

Historically MailChimp has focused on the challenges of bulk email, sending one email to thousands of recipients. MailChimp’s largest customer sends 65 million emails each month and in November MailChimp expects to send well in excess of 2 billion emails. Mandrill was created to provide a one-stop email solution for customers seeking to handle both bulk and one-to-one emails with a single service provider.

The Mandrill API supports message tagging so senders can track open and click performance on their transactional emails, as well as bounces. Mandrill also supports a standard SMTP interface for sending messages. Tags for tracking messages sent via SMTP can be included in the message header.

Mandrill utilizes a next generation email technology platform developed in-house to support the email delivery needs of integrators and web apps outside of MailChimp. The sending path is designed to maximize delivery speed. To ensure the best delivery, Mandrill will require a warm up period as new MailChimp subscribers begin to send via this service. In addition, Mandrill requires verification of each sending address to be used for transactional emails.


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