April 17, 2013

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MailChimp today announced an updated version of Postmaster, a third party integration connecting MailChimp and Volusion, a leading provider of ecommerce software and services. This application, developed by Vextras, allows Volusion store owners to manage their email marketing with MailChimp and leverages the popular eCommerce360 functionality.

“With this latest version of Postmaster, Volusion store owners now have complete control over their email marketing efforts from MailChimp. In addition to immediately syncing customer information with MailChimp, we’ve also tapped into the powerful functionality of eCommerce360,” says Kyle Hungate, Founder/CEO of Vextras.

Postmaster automatically syncs Volusion customer data to MailChimp, including customer contact information, transaction amounts, order dates, and more. It also enables MailChimp’s eCommerce360, which allows for improved list segmentation based on purchase history, email response automation, and enhanced analytics.

“eCommerce360 gives store owners the ability to target clients after the sale with autoresponders or to create campaigns based on buyers’ habits,” adds Hungate. “It tracks order details, conversions, and total sales. With this rich feature set, the possibilities are unlimited for Volusion store owners to connect with their customers.”

Volusion ecommerce software gives people what they need to open and manage an online store. It suits small and large businesses, and includes both a fully-hosted website and marketing tools. MailChimp is also designed with businesses of all sizes in mind, and its features, including eCommerce360, enable businesses to send good-looking, mobile-ready emails while ensuring they can access and act on a full range of analytics to make their marketing smarter.

Postmaster is available as a service provided by Vextras and is open to all Volusion and MailChimp users. Price plans vary depending on the size of the online store and start at $24 per month, plus the cost of a Volusion account. A MailChimp account is free up to the first 2,000 subscribers, and prices then scale according to user needs.

Vextras has developed similar plugins for Volusion, including one for Highrise CRM, and updated this MailChimp integration with support from MailChimp’s $1 Million Integration fund.



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