Quick insights

Effect of content to link ratio on click rate

More links generally means more clicks, though be careful to balance them properly with content.

Effect of list correlation with purchased lists on spam complaint rate

The more a list correlates with lists available for purchase online, the higher the spam complaint rate is when sent to.

Email address e-commerce value by domain

For example, Hotmail email addresses spend, on average, 7% more than Comcast addresses.

Hotmail AOL Yahoo Gmail
AOL 0.70%
Yahoo 6.40% 6.20%
Gmail 3.70% 4.90% 1.80%
Comcast 7.30% 7.50% -0.40% 0.40%

Email opens by time of day

Subscribers are likely to open email after 12pm in their respective timezones, and the most active hours are 2-5pm.

Email opens by day of week

Most emails are sent between Monday and Friday, with the highest volume on Tuesday and Thursday. More subscribers open email, however, on Wednesday and Thursday.

Effects of subscriber recency on open and click rates

Your newest subscribers are your best subscribers. They’re most engaged immediately after signup, and then trail off over time.