Helping companies to generate value for their customers through (email) marketing.


At Anwert we believe that the key to a successful product is a great customer experience.

The first step to get there is by generating a deep understanding of oneself and WHY you do the things you do as well as your customers’ needs and the market situation in general. But we don’t stop there because a solid strategy is only half the battle. Implementing and executing strategies is at least as important. We do this with the highest standard for quality and looking at your communication, products, and services from different angles like innovation, entrepreneurship, design thinking, or technology.

Anwert was founded in 2016 as a digital product studio and consultancy. Its unique employment approach allows freelancers and other agencies to join only those projects, which seem relevant and fun for them. We do this because we want to create value for consumers, clients, our collaborators and us as a company. Only if everybody wins, the project was a success.

Simple Email campaign

MindNode Customer Onboarding Email Series

Example of email campaign

Five Minutes for Finance Newsletter

Example of email newsletter campaign.

Anwert Email Template