Kone Marketing Inc.

Kone Marketing is a globally distributed digital marketing agency.

Ontario, Canada

An end-to-end email marketing service

Sales Funnel and Email Strategy

From abandoned cart emails to drip campaigns, we take a high-level look at your sales funnel and email campaigns to keep your list in constant contact with your business, boosting sales and brand equity.

List Management

We can group, organise and segment your list for maximum effect, making sure that your subscribers get the emails that are most relevant to them (and therefore have a better chance of converting).

E-commerce drip campaigns

Automated campaigns from the point of sale are a great way to boost engagement (a welcome email, for instance, can result in 33% more long-term engagement). We work with you to develop a strategy that keeps customers engaged every step of the way, from sign-up to purchase to delivery and beyond.

Custom Mailchimp Templates

Ensure every customer touch point is on brand and professional with custom-made mailchimp templates.


Once all of the strategy is in place, the last piece of the puzzle is done-for-you copy (written by our copywriter) with a distinctive brand voice that drives customers (and potential customers) towards action.