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Email Marketing

Email marketing is just one of the ways we can help you to improve your marketing performance and grow your business. As a Mailchimp Certified Partner, we can help you in all areas of your email marketing.

We currently work with dozens of small businesses looking to get better results from their email campaigns.

If you also want to look at how well your email marketing sits within your overall marketing performance, we can help with that too.

Our Complete Marketing Service

You want to grow your business. SME Needs will help you do just that. Our 4-stage process is designed to develop and deliver the right marketing strategy to deliver on your growth targets:

  1. Measure: looking at what is, and isn’t working with your current and previous marketing activities. Stop what isn’t working and improve your ROI

  2. Focus: develop your Ideal Client personas so you spend your marketing budget on developing leads from the people and businesses most likely to buy from you.

  3. Plan: what are the right marketing tools for you? Is email one of them? We work together to agree a strategy and plan that we both believe will generate the leads you need to meet your growth targets

  4. Deliver: making sure your marketing plan happens. Consistent marketing is the key to successful marketing. We bring in the right partners to ensure you have the best people working on your marketing

If it doesn’t make sense for you to employ your own Marketing Director, and you want to grow your business, let’s talk soon and see how we can help.

Mailchimp Certified

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