Gigya, Inc.

Gigya's cIAM Platform provides first party identity data to execute the most targeted campaigns.

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Gigya, Inc.

Gigya’s Customer Identity Management Platform enables businesses to identify and understand their audiences via both traditional and social registration, consolidate and manage cross-channel customer data, and build personalized, meaningful customer journeys through integrations with over 50 leading marketing and service applications.

Gigya equips you with the ability to integrate data with Mailchimp on a recurring or ad-hoc basis. Seamlessly pass first-party identity and behavioral data, collected via Gigya’s Registration-as-a-Service, Social Login and on-site engagement plugins, directly to Mailchimp for immediate campaign triggers and personalization.

With profile information delivered from Gigya’s dynamic schema database, Mailchimp helps you send customers only the most relevant content. Gigya’s integration with Mailchimp enables easy and efficient integration of Gigya's rich, permission-based social and other profile info with Mailchimp's marketing email personalization service, so as to accurately target users in your campaigns.

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