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Mailchimp is an always-on marketing platform for small businesses. And there are plenty of ways for you to be a part of it.


Our Engineering team gives marketers production-ready software designed to help them grow. The team operates through togetherness, momentum, and pragmatism. We hire world-class engineers and give them the support and resources needed to succeed.

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This department—which includes our Growth, Project Management, Research, and Product Management teams—creates and maintains our product roadmap. This inquisitive group is always looking for new opportunities to grow alongside our small business customers.

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Our multi-disciplinary Design team comprises Brand, Product, and Portfolio Design, as well as Design Operations. They work with just about every team in the company to deliver a unified customer experience and make things feel like Mailchimp.

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This dynamic, award-winning department is made up of teams (Ops, Analytics, and Content) that drive great experiences for our customers across Marketing’s various disciplines (Brand, Product, Partners). These folks also help us stay weird.

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Customer Support

Mailchimp’s Customer Support team works around the clock to help our users all over the world. Their goal is to earn trust, empower people, and exceed expectations. A group of smart, slightly weird self-starters, they’re passionate about helping others.

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Employee Experience

Our Recruiting, HR, Culture, and Learning and Development teams work to ensure our employees have a positive experience throughout their time at Mailchimp. Together, these teams maintain our strong company culture, which is crucial to our continued growth.

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Business Operations

These teams—Accounting, Facilities, IT, Legal—keep us organized, pay the bills, and make Mailchimp a great place to work. They manage spreadsheets, keep us true to our values, and read the fine print. Above all, they give us some much-needed structure.

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