Mailchimp & Co Benchmark Report 2021

Insights from our global survey of agencies and freelancers

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We created Mailchimp & Co as a community offering tools and resources to help agencies and freelancers thrive. And that's why we reached out to you to help us create the first-ever Mailchimp & Co Benchmark Report.

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Some highlights:

Chart Data:
Made a profit	74%
Broke even	17%
Posted a loss	9%

Something to celebrate

Despite all the twists and turns of this unprecedented year, the bottom line in 2020 was much better than expected, with only 9% of agencies reporting a net loss.

Chart Data:
Yes-we already had remote hires	40%
Yes-we started as a result of COVID-19	8%
Not yet-but we're planning to	13%
No-we'll be recruiting only local talent	39%

A more mobile workforce?

Many of us realized both the challenges and benefits of working remotely. We asked agency owners, "Will you be hiring people outside commuting distance to your office?"

We designed this report to help you:

Win more business

When it comes to bringing in new business, you told us that one strategy is the clear winner. Find out what it is, and get tips to make it happen in your business.

Unlock more profit

How are agencies and freelancers structuring their businesses to increase revenue and maximize profit? Come find out, and get tips on how to get paid quicker, too.

Mitigate risk

How's your client mix? Are you properly set up to weather any surprises 2021 might have in store? We share some thoughts on how make your business more adaptable and resilient.

Grow your way

When it comes to sustainable growth, what works and what doesn't? We'll share some clear, actionable insights that can help you build a thriving business on your terms.

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