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Introduction to Mailchimp & Co

Mailchimp & Co is more than a partner program. It includes the vast, vibrant community of everyone who works with clients in Mailchimp.

Today marks the official launch of Mailchimp & Co, our global insider community of freelancers, agencies, and all the other professionals who help our small business customers get started and grow with Mailchimp.

While Mailchimp & Co is new, the community behind it is not—many of the freelancers and agencies who are now part of Mailchimp & Co have been working with Mailchimp’s platform for years, helping our small-business customers find success. This community may have a new name and a home on, but the people are the same champions who have been sharing the Mailchimp love with customers around the world from the start.

Mailchimp & Co is much more than a partner program. While it includes all of our official Mailchimp partners, it also extends beyond that to the vast, vibrant community of everyone who works with clients in Mailchimp—from freelancers and agencies to consultants and trainers. We hope you join us on the path to partnership.

Here’s what’s new:

  • A redesigned product experience
  • Benefits tied to levels of membership
  • The opportunity to earn rewards
  • A community inclusive of everyone who works with clients
  • Two levels of partnership

Now, let’s take a closer look.

We’ve introduced new levels of membership

When it comes to community, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” We wanted to build a program that could meet you where you are right now and help you take your business to the next level. Whether you are just starting out as a freelancer, have landed your first couple of clients, or are a full blown agency with lots of accounts, Mailchimp & Co is here for you and your business.

Anyone who wants access to tools that simplify client work can join Mailchimp & Co (and don’t worry if you previously had an agency account—you won’t lose anything). Joining is completely free, and we've designed a new product experience specifically for folks who use Mailchimp on behalf of their clients. You’ll also unlock training and certification resources that can help you grow your business and learn your way around the platform.

Learn more about membership level requirements and becoming an official Mailchimp partner or pro partner.

We’ve eliminated our old partner application.

Our old application was long (75+ questions!), hosted on a third-party platform, and included a subjective review. This time around, we wanted to make the process more objective—and give you back the time you would have spent crafting the perfect application.

Mailchimp & Co is designed to grow with you as you invest in your skills and grow your client base. As you unlock new levels of mastery through our training and certification resources and begin to connect and work with new paid client accounts, you’ll level up your partner status.

There are benefits—including support—tied to each level of Mailchimp & Co.

All Mailchimp & Co members have access to client tools, learning and certification opportunities in Mailchimp Academy, content just for you in the Mailchimp & Co newsletter, and exclusive events.

When you reach partner status, you get increased exposure through a listing in our partner directory, enablement materials to help you land new clients, a higher level of support, and other benefits.

Pro partners gain access to account managers, a priority ranking in the directory, and other co-marketing opportunities. For the full details, check out our guide to partner benefits.

You can now earn rewards for working with Mailchimp clients.

We are grateful to our freelancers and agencies who represent Mailchimp all over the world and act as the indispensable advisers to our customers. We’re excited to introduce an official rewards program just for members of Mailchimp & Co.

Once you’ve connected 2 clients with paid Mailchimp plans, you’ll be eligible to earn rewards for referring new clients and for helping clients get started with key features of the platform—just a small token of our appreciation for the great work you’re already doing to help clients see more value from Mailchimp. See the full terms of our rewards program, and stay tuned for more ways to earn rewards.

So, what hasn’t changed?

Existing partners simply need to accept the new Terms & Conditions and will join Mailchimp & Co at a partner level through at least 2021, regardless of their certification status or number of connected accounts. If you were a partner before launch, you’re a partner at launch. Thank you for everything you’ve done for our customers.

There’s more to come with Mailchimp & Co, including exclusive events and a new directory experience for partners. In the meantime, we encourage you to explore your Mailchimp & Co account, pass along any feedback, and share the launch with anyone who works with clients.

Welcome to Mailchimp & Co. We’re so glad you’re here.

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