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Marketing Shelfie—Billing Edition

Embrace your inner bookworm with our curated list of must‑reads that will help grow your business and your bottom line.

Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness—By Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein

Setting yourself up for success is all about choices.

Learn about the biases that shape human decision-making tendencies. Sometimes getting that coveted “yes” only takes the right nudge.

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It—By Chris Voss and Tahl Raz

Life is a negotiation, so you better be good at it!

Former FBI negotiator Chris Voss applies his hostage-saving techniques to the business world.

Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High—By Kerry Patterson

It turns out talk isn’t cheap after all.

Even when the stakes are high, crucial conversations don’t need to be difficult—just follow the 7 steps laid out in this book and become a tête-à-tête pro.

What to Do when It's Your Turn (and It's Always Your Turn)—By Seth Godin

Breaking the self-help mold.

Formatted like a magazine—in full color and packed with short content bursts—this unorthodox read will prompt you to seize every opportunity that comes your way.

Don’t forget to show some love to your local independent bookstore when you’re shopping for these books!

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