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Mailchimp & Co Year in Review

Since we launched Mailchimp & Co, our community has taken something big and made it even bigger.

Has it really been a whole year already? And while 2021 was an immense source of pride and excitement, we think this past year was even better.

Let’s take a look back at what we accomplished together from 2021 through 2022.

Mailchimp & Co roll call

The Mailchimp & Co community represents a global network—and our impact continues to grow worldwide. To date, we have over:

  • 35,000+ members

  • 1,000+ partners

  • 90+ pro partners

That’s over 35,000 members total (and counting) that hail from more than 174 countries.

Compare that to our previous year in review, when our community had 20,719 members from more than 150 countries. We couldn’t do this without the support of our members, and that’s why we wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

Our continued growth means our community has gained even more opportunities to network and share resources with other Mailchimp devotees as we deliver our best work on behalf of our clients.

Over the past year…

  • 1,403 members

    elevated their memberships

  • 56 members

    leveled up to partner status

  • 33 partners

    made the leap to pro partner status

We launched our second annual Benchmark Report

We rolled out our 2022 Mailchimp & Co Benchmark Report for agencies and freelancers in partnership with The Agency Collective—and the responses we received filled us with pride. For this one-of-a-kind report, over 2,000 respondents from 63 countries shared details about their revenue, overhead, staffing, client acquisition, and working hours.

These insightful learnings helped us discover how the agencies and freelancers we surveyed stack up against their peers—and what top performers do differently to stand out.

Let’s dive into a few findings from our last Benchmark Report:

  • In 2021, 54% of responding freelancers said they increased their year-over-year revenue, while only 45% reported the same in the prior year.
  • Similarly, 66% of responding agencies in 2021 said they increased their revenue, while 49% said they expanded their teams.

Our community grew

Here are a few facts and figures that help demonstrate how our community bloomed:

• 8 new articles published
• 45+ partners featured in Mailchimp articles, videos, and events
• 9 partnerships with publications like It’s Nice That 
and I Love Creatives and at events like UNSPAM 
and BrightonSEO
• 24 newsletters shared—12 Mailchimp & Co Newsletters and 12 Partners Newsletters
• 5 FieldTrips, brought to you by Mailchimp & Co 
and in partnership with CreativeMornings
• 20,000+ partner Slack messages sent
• 8 virtual Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions and 2 partner-hosted Slack get-togethers

School was in session

2,518 members and partners earned new certifications in Mailchimp Academy.

For context, that’s…

  • 1,608 Foundations certifications earned

  • 387 Email Automations certifications earned

  • 523 Email Marketing certifications earned

But that's not all...

Along the way, Mailchimp Academy also hosted 49 virtual events designed to help new learners and ongoing students ace their final assessments, complete their certifications, and earn their badges.

In honor of our birthday...

We gave away 5 special edition Mailchimp & Co sweatshirts, with partners entering to win by sharing their favorite thing about our community.

Partners made a difference

Mailchimp partners understand the importance of volunteering their time for good causes, which is why our community donated to 5 non-profit organizations last year. Partners shared their feedback with us by voting on how to divide our efforts towards each cause—and the results were worthwhile.

Here’s a breakdown of who we donated to:

We got shiny new badges

Since Mailchimp joined forces with Intuit, our Mailchimp partner badges got a fresh look.

Partners and pro partners: Log into your Mailchimp & Co account to access your dashboard where you can find your newly-updated badges, if you haven’t already. And don’t forget to display them on your site and social channels, too.

Brag a little, you’ve earned it.

We were featured in fresh content on social

Here’s a look at some fun—and uniquely Mailchimp & Co—social media content that was shared in 2022:

Elevator pitch
International Women’s Day
Email marketing tips for SMBs

We made international moves

This year, Mailchimp & Co launched a 7-month pilot program with 2 highly engaged pro partners, Alessandra Farabegoli and Marco Ziero, in Italy. Through this program, we sought to learn how to attract new members to our community and empower them to connect with small businesses in their own backyards.

Through these efforts, Alessandra and Marco gained a few exciting business opportunities, too. Here is how this program impacted Alessandra, Marco, and those they connected with:

  • Cultivated a network of 860+ Italian freelancers and agencies
  • Hosted 4 webinars and held 19 1-on-1 clinics for the Mailchimp & Co community
  • Curated our first Italian Benchmark Report that garnered 700+ downloads
  • Sponsored a web marketing festival in Rimini with 11,000 in-person and virtual attendees
  • Helped our local partners lead specialized asset creation and go-to-market activities

We also flew across the pond to attend BrightonSEO, a search marketing conference and networking event in the UK, alongside some partners.

And we visited Chicago, too

We also attended UNSPAM 2022—an email marketing event presented by Really Good Emails—in Chicago and met with partners Kristy McCarley, Larisa Uredi, Emily Ryan, Marco Ziero, and Alessandra Farabogoli, who traveled from all over the world to attend.

Stay tuned as Mailchimp & Co prepares to find more opportunities for our community to connect in-person.

Onwards to 2023

In the coming year, we’re looking forward to bringing in more members and partners, developing new tools, and creating more exclusive resources that can help empower you to do what you do best for your clients.

From all of us at Mailchimp & Co, we thank you for everything you do to help make our community vibrant and strong. We’ve loved every minute of our journey so far, and we can’t wait to see what we accomplish together next.

Now it’s up to you—where will you help take Mailchimp & Co next year?

Become a part of our community

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