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Join the Mailchimp Design Systems Team

The Mailchimp Design Systems team is hiring for design, engineering, and content strategy across all levels and experiences to expand our design system.

The Mailchimp Design Systems team is growing! We’re hiring for design and engineering across all levels and experiences to help us expand our design system beyond the typical definition.

Breaking expectations

We believe a great design system is so much more than components, libraries, and code. We’re actively working to expand the definition of our design system—one that includes guidance across the end-to-end customer experience. The systems team cares about equitable environment and for the last half decade has leaned on distributed-style operations so our work is more open, transparent, and inclusive. Join us in this mission.

Do you clarify ambiguity through making? Are you interested in contribution models, accessibility, and governance? How do you think content standards should be integrated with design guidance? Do you feel at home when you write code translating design tokens? We’re searching for individuals who are excited by big questions like these and who are ready to ask their own.

Who will you work with day to day?

As a member of the established Design Systems team, you will have the opportunity to grow the second generation of systems at Mailchimp. Our Design Systems team is a tight knit, cross-functional group of brand designers, engineers, product designs, content strategists, product managers, and more. This team has done the hard work of laying a solid foundation: we redesigned our marketing site and application and are now preparing to expand the system within our app and our marketing site.

We are longtime leaders in systems thinking. When you join Mailchimp, you’ll be joining the company that launched one of the first public voice and tone guides in 2013, a web based style guide in 2015, is recognized Design & Art Direction, Type Directors, Webby, and an industry best in class brand.

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Why is now the right time to join Mailchimp?

Empowering the underdog is at the core of our brand—our focus has always been on helping small businesses thrive. Now, after nearly 20 years of growing Mailchimp’s product, company, and brand without investors, a board, or even a sales team, we've joined Intuit.

“Our platform will stay Mailchimp through and through: the same user-friendly products and tools, the same resources and support, and the same brand you know and love,” said Ben Chestnut, Mailchimp CEO. We’re enthusiastic about the new support, resources, and guidance from Intuit while we continue our mission to be the world’s most loved marketing and ecommerce brand. We’re excited to continue this mission with Intuit.

What is Mailchimp looking for in candidates?

  • Work and stories you’re proud of and highlight your best work
  • We value humility, creativity, and independence, show us how you do, too
  • Creating an inclusive workplace is a part of your daily way of working
  • If you’re showcasing work in a case study or portfolio, consider that artifact and your story as much as the content within it (eg they should look good and have a good story)
  • We don’t expect all candidates to meet all requirements. We know that and if you’re not sure, encourage you to apply!
  • If folks want to apply as a pair (eg a designer and engineer) we welcome it!
  • Mention you read this article in your interview 😉

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