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Supporting Mailchimp Families With Maven

How our employee benefits team partnered up to meet Mailchimp’s diverse family planning needs

In October 2020, our employee benefits team partnered with the digital health platform Maven to give new and future parents at Mailchimp a comprehensive and inclusive family support program. Many of our employees are adding to their families or thinking about it, and it was important to the team to provide a benefit that supports those employees in their diverse family planning journeys.

One of the things that made Maven so appealing for us is that their program supports people in all stages of family planning, from pregnancy and adoption through early pediatrics and returning to work. We also know from employee feedback and market research that traditional health care can be limiting and costly for single people or same-sex couples who have different needs when navigating the family planning experience. Maven has experts and counselors available for all the ways employees plan their families.

With Maven, we’re able to provide employees and their partners with unlimited access to on-demand care on a platform that reinforces Mailchimp’s values and commitment to empowering all working parents.

An all-access pass

Mailchimp covers the cost of Maven, which means no copays, deductibles, or other fees. Employees and their partners can use Maven to book virtual appointments with providers across more than 20 specialties—including OB-GYNs, mental health counselors, and sleep coaches. Maven has experts in fertility, egg freezing, adoption, pregnancy, postpartum care, childcare, and much more.

How employees are experiencing Maven

It’s only been a few months since we introduced this benefit, but some are already seeing great benefits from it. If you’re thinking about using Maven, here’s what some current employees have to say.

  • Maven’s virtual care model delivers better outcomes and lower costs for everyone. Katie, uses Maven for prenatal care and says she enjoyed being able to attend Zoom courses with knowledgeable presenters from the comfort of her own couch. Without Maven, she would have had to seek more expensive prep courses. Katie plans to use Maven’s on-call feature for last-minute labor and delivery questions.

  • Christopher, a Benefits team member, was set to work on implementing Maven, but had to hand off the project as he prepared for his own parental leave when he and his husband adopted their first child. He finds the platform empowering because he doesn’t have to weed through unreliable information on the internet to figure out what’s right or wrong, or which advice is recent or outdated. Christopher says, “Because of Maven, I felt empowered by multiple professionals’ advice to be the parent that I’d like to be.”

  • A new mom for the second time, Rachel is using Maven for postpartum care and shares Christopher’s sentiment. “If I didn’t have access to this benefit, I would have furiously searched the internet and possibly called my doctor. But more than likely I’d have taken no action and would be anxious. Maven helps me avoid escalating to my doctor for minor or insignificant things happening with my baby that I just may not understand.”

  • Maven also provides niche resources. Star loves Maven’s sleep coach feature for her twins. “Selecting a sleep coach was difficult at first because there were so few choices, but my Maven counselor connected me with someone who was able to answer all my questions.” Maven also offers return-to-work resources for partners.

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