Do you have any problem in Mailchimp? Let's get in touch and we will find the best solution for you.

Prague, Czech Republic

We will improve your e-mailing. And a lot!

At the beginning of our journey is a client who has the potential and desire to develop more. The goal is a journey of a unified team that makes full use of their potential.

  • For every CZK 1 you invest in e-mailing, we will bring you 38 times as much. And maybe more.

  • It will take you an hour to prepare a product newsletter. At most. Even with delivery. You can easily send 20 campaigns to different countries of the world per day.

  • We will get your open rate to 60% and we will not stop even before the 20% CTR.

But most of all, you get a partner who just doesn't sit and wait for you to send him another delivery. We live with your campaigns, we come up with an improvement every moment and we gradually move the results up. Together.