Admin Army

Know you need to keep in touch with your clients, but struggling to make it happen? We love revolutionizing the way you interact with your clients!

New Zealand

You know you need to build, grow and manage your database to keep in touch with your clients and potential clients.

Three things are likely getting in your way:

  1. You’re overwhelmed by all the tech things you have to keep on top of in your business

  2. You have a distinct lack of time to implement any of the systems or actions you know you need to take - let alone learn how to implement them

  3. You have no idea where to even start - you’ve signed up to Mailchimp, now what?

    The Admin Army team are here to help!

    Drop us a line today to chat about how we can help set your database up to grow through lead magnets and clever automation to focus on building a strong relationship with your database. There’s nothing we’d love more than to see your business flourish!