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Alessandra Farabegoli

Digital strategist and email marketing expert, author of “Email Marketing con Mailchimp”, entrepreneur and cofounder of Digital Update and Freelancecamp Italy

Ravenna, Italy
English, Italian

I help my clients — ecommerce, small and big businesses, agencies and professionals — to get the most of their email marketing efforts and use Mailchimp to reach their goals: better services, more revenues, a better quality of work.

I can help you to improve your email marketing, from content strategy to creation of email campaigns and Automations.

I know Mailchimp by heart, and I can help you from the start to set up your account, integrate Mailchimp with your ecommerce, optimize your efforts. I’m the author of the book “Email Marketing con Mailchimp” (published by Apogeo, 2013-14-16) and of a video course online on Mailchimp.

Marketing in un mondo digitale Marketing in a digital world is the book I wrote together with Enrico Marchetto. In his afterword, Gianluca Diegoli defines it a ‘post-digital marketing non-manual’, since Enrico and I, rather than reviewing the tools and methods, analyze the changes – and what has stayed the same – in our lives, our consumption habits, our choices of time use and management of relations throughout the digital revolution. Starting from that, we propose a methodological approach to marketing as centered on empathy, careful observation and distrust of any ready-made solution. The book is full of actual experiences and we tell both the success stories and the failures, in a sort of duet in which our voices intertwine and we play sort of a bit of jazz together.

I mostly work in Italy with Italian clients, but I consider also opportunities abroad.

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“Marketing in un mondo digitale” [Marketing in a digital world] is a book about marketing as centered on empathy, careful observation and distrust of any ready-made solution. The book is full of actual experiences, success stories and failures.

Image of a chimp with the text Email marketing con Mailchimp

“Email marketing con Mailchimp” “[Email marketing with Mailchimp] is the first manual in Italian with step by step instructions on how to use Mailchimp to create and use lists, templates, advanced features. Three editions (2013, 2014, 2016)

Image of a post person riding a bike with the text Email marketing in pratica

Email marketing in pratica” [Email marketing in practice] is a guide in building an email marketing strategy that works: goal setting, effective emails, healthy lists, practical tips about specific markets such as tourism, training, publishing

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Digital Update is the company I co-founded in 2012; we offer training (courses, online courses and in-house training) about communication & digital marketing, with a vision and an extremely pragmatic and operational approach, held by expert professionals.